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June 3, 2007

'Republicans: The 81-percent Exodus'

(Image source: WorldNetDaily)

Good job, Mr. President:

... In the wake of Friday's report about the Republican revolt over immigration, a companion WorldNetDaily poll shows some noteworthy results. As of Saturday morning (02 Jun 2007), 24 hours after the news broke, an eye-opening 81 percent of Republicans considered themselves part of the "revolt." Of those, more than a third favor the "creation" of another political party. (That's 38 percent of the 81 percent.) The total number of respondents was more than 3,300, which is more than triple the number of respondents for most "reliable" political polls.
As made clear in a recent WND letter writer pointed to in the above article, remembering Ronald Reagan, ""He said he didn't leave the Democrats; they left him. Well, the Republican Party hasn't left us. They've kicked us out." (Letter titled "This is the thanks we get," Sat, 02 Jun 2007.)""

To put it mildly, Mr President, your base is very unhappy - and your immigration policies are doing the same thing to the Republican party that they're doing to the country: Destroying it's ability to survive as it now exists.

Posted by Abdul at June 3, 2007 10:44 AM

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