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April 21, 2007

Speaker of Palestinian Legislative Council: 'Oh Allah, Kill all the Jews and the Americans!'

What Westerners fail to comprehend is that this trash is spewed from the mouths of radical clerics in mosques all over the world, including those in the Europe and America. These excerpts (hat tip - MEMRI) from a sermon delivered by Ahmad Bahr, acting speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, were aired on Sudan TV on April 13, 2007. But it could just have easily been on any Friday anywhere in any mosque in the West where radical clerics and their followers pray (sic). Watch the faces of the "faithful" as they listen to the cleric's hateful dreibble. These idiots are actually taking in every word, believing that "Allah" has said this crap, and they are embracing it:

"You will be victorious" on the face of this planet. You are the masters of the world on the face of this planet. Yes, [the Koran says that] "you will be victorious."..." They are cowards, who are eager for life, while we are eager for death for the sake of Allah. That is why America's nose was rubbed in the mud in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Somalia, and everywhere."
And to think that there are so many well-meaning dhimmis that just don't get it! The number of people like those in the video is growing - everywhere.

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Abdul at April 21, 2007 8:33 AM

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