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April 2, 2007

Radical Madrassas Flourishing In Pakistan (Incredible Video)

This clip from UK television (hat tip - LGF) shows "a horrifying look at the rising Islamic supremacism in Pakistan, as extremist, jihad-promoting madrassas flourish despite Pervez Musharraf's many pledges to crack down on them." You won't want to miss the part where an Islamist compares their trashing of video and music stores with Rudy Giuliani's clean-up of New York City.

You'll find more about the Jamia Hafsa Islamic school here

There are at least 13,000 more madrassas in Pakistan, besides the the Jamia Hafsa Islamic school discussed in the video. According to the International Crisis Group, President Pervez Musharraf has failed to tackle Islamic extremism in Pakistan's religious schools, and they are continuing to promote a holy war against the West and foment terrorism. We are now five years out from the government's pledge to crackdown on the madrassas, and many if not all still preach a violent ideology and train and dispatch fighters to Afghanistan, Indian-administered Kashmir, and elsewhere in the world.

And for you Kool-Aid drinkers out there that say Iraq has caused the flourishing of the madrassas, think again. As Victor Davis Hanson points out in his article yesterday at FresnoBee.com, the unpopular war in Iraq did not create radical Islamists and their madrassas throughout the Middle East that today brainwash young radicals and pressure the region's monarchies, theocracies and autocracies to provide money for training and weaponry. All that radicalism had been going on for decades -- as we saw during the quarter-century of terrorism that led up to 9/11. And rioting, assassination and death threats over artistic expression in Europe have nothing to do with Iraq. And as far as our being in Afghanistan having anything to do with the madrassas, you Kool-Aid drinkers can think again on that one too. As Hanson also points out, most al-Qaida terrorists are indeed being trained and equipped in the Pakistani wild lands of Waziristan to help the Taliban reclaim Afghanistan, but also so they'll have a base to continue spreading jihad worldwide. Furthermore, the jihadi killers pay no attention to the fact that our efforts in Afghanistan are widely multilateral.

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Posted by Abdul at April 2, 2007 7:32 PM

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