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April 19, 2007

On Dawa And The Folding Of Tents

Powerline points to today's Star Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten's piece concluding her series of columns on the the introduction of ritual washing facilities to facilitate "wudu" for Muslim prayer at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Katherine's column is "'Accommodation' could open door to more demands," and is descibed by Powerline as a pedestrian heading for an alarming column that takes a look at the "accommodations" road we're headed down. The "accommodations"road referred to here is nothing less than an expressway to the spreading of Islam by Muslim groups demanding special privileges, and a free and Democratic society caving into their demands. As Katherine notes in her piece, Canada, our neighbor to the north, is farther done this road than we are here in the U.S., and each accommodation granted to the Muslim activists only results in yet another demand for yet another accommodation. What Western democracies must realize now before it's too late is that demands for accommodation are simply a tool for implementing the Islamist agenda - of which Dawa is but a brick in the road. Sooner rather than later a tipping point will be reached, accommodation will become the rule, the rule will become law, and the law could then very well be sharia.

So with the above warnings in mind, do read Katherine Kersten's piece, and then what Powerline calls the perfect companion to Kathy's column. We either become much better informed about the Islamist's agenda and how they are using our freedoms to destroy us and implement Islamic law and Islamism, or we might as well fold our tents now and submit to the fate they have planned for us. As we have previously written, our own political correctness, freedoms, and legal systems are being used and manipulated by a minority of Muslims that are pretending to speak in the interest of all Muslims, presenting Muslims as victims, with a mission to change the very character and fabric of America (and the West) and insinuate the Islamist agenda into mainstream American politics - remaking it in the image of the Islamofascists. Their mission can only be accomplished if we let it happen. Essentially folding our tents and stepping back from engagement is not the answer - refusing to submit is!

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Abdul at April 19, 2007 6:15 PM

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