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April 5, 2007

Iran TV Reviews Brzenski book Second Chance

Broadcast 5 April on Iranian state satellite TV (IRINN)

Announcer: A former US national security adviser said America has lost its position in the world and is now hated by nations. In his new book Brzezinski harshly criticized Washington's foreign policy during the presidencies of Clinton, Bush the father and especially Bush the son and said it has failed in the realm of international policies.

Brzezinski regards the Iraq war as a catastrophe for America; he
has written that the Middle has now become a model for defeating
American policies in the world.

The American national security adviser during the Carter administration cited the influence of the Zionist lobby in America's government decision-making as another important factor in the defeat of American foreign policy; he emphasized that the Zionist lobby has damaged Washington's policies in the Middle East.

Brzezinski mentioned anti-American feelings as a point of commonality among the world's nations. He said that nothing could be worse than that America be seen as a continuation of the era of imperialism with its present foreign policies.


This isn't much of a video. It shows Mr. Brzezinski speaking while a news announcer reads scripted remarks about him. You never hear his voice, which would not be understandable to many members of an Iranian audience anyway.

I haven't read Mr. Brzezinskis book Second Chance so I don't know how closely this Iranian editorial has summarized his views, but I do know these views are widely held, and they are the views the Islamic Republic tries to promote 24 hours a day. It is true however that George Bush has so many detractors that it has become difficult for him to wield political influence. His effectiveness has been compromised, and rational defense of his actions doesn't help much.

To deal with the problem, is the Bush administration using Nancy Pelosi in a "Good Cop" ploy? An article in the Asia Times by Sami Moubayed suggests this may be what is behind the Pelosi trip to the Middle East.

Crossposted to Satellite News (Iran)

Posted by John at April 5, 2007 9:57 AM

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