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April 3, 2007

Christians Fleeing Lebanon But They Need Not Worry: Pelosi Plans To 'Change Syria's Behavior'

The religion of peace and tolerance is once again failing to show either peace or tolerance in Lebanon, as radical Islam spreads its ugly evil presence throughout the region. In fact, the Shia and Sunnis can't even get along with themselves. And the situation in Lebanon has deteriorated so much that Christians are fleeing to escape the rise of radical Islam and growing fears that the trend will result in a Sunni-Shi'ite civil war, with minority Christians trapped in the middle. According to a poll to be published next month, nearly half of all Maronites, the largest Christian denomination in the country, said they were considering emigrating, and of these, more than 100,000 have submitted visa applications to foreign embassies:

Lebanon has always been a bastion of religious tolerance, but now it is moving toward the model of Islamization seen in Iraq and Egypt," said the Rev. Samir K. Samir, a Jesuit teacher of Islamic studies at Beirut's Universite Saint-Joseph.
If the situation is this bad for non-Muslims when the U.S. has an active presence in the region, can you imagine what it would be like if we leave Iraq as the Pelosi-Reid crowd would have us do?

But the Marionites shouldn't worry so much about being exterminated by the radical Islamists who are being supported by Iran and Syria, because Nancy Pelosi, some of her Democratic friends, and 3 RINOs plan to visit Syria and straighten everything out. In fact, the naive political whore now says she has "great hope" for reviving U.S. relations with Syria and changing its behavior.

Changing Syria's behavior? Surely Pelosi must know that Syria has a long history of exploiting concessions, rejecting agreements, trampling on other nations' willingness to compromise, and manipulating Western politicians sufficiently blind to their MO as to think they can change Syria's behavior.

Pelosi and her ilk would have us take the military threat off the table completely, sit down with Syria and Iran, sing Kumbaya, and "just like that" the Syrians and Iranians will "change their behavior"?

While I'm all for diplomacy conducted by competent diplomats (of which Pelosi is not), that goes along with a credible and active military threat (which Pelosi's mere presence in Syria against the Bush administrations wishes removes from the table); for history has taught us that unless a credible military option exists, persuasion and compromise have little effect in dealing with hostile regimes, and vice versa. Both are required, but Pelosi is not who the American people elected to command our military and manage our foreign policy.

"Change Syria's Behavior"? What an ignorant, incompetent, naive assumption! Lebanon's Christians are indeed in big trouble and they'd do well to get the hell out of the region as fast as they can. Radical Islam is on the march and the Democrats are working hard to remove any and all obstacles that are in their way - mainly US.

Posted earlier at Hyscience

Posted by Richard at April 3, 2007 8:58 AM

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