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Left in the Middle East Has Reason to Support the USA

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Iran TV Shows UK Officers Apologizing with Map for "Trespassing"


April 1, 2007

America's New War Front

(initially posted by Althor at Hyscience on March 31)

The scene is one we are sadly all but too familiar with since we see it gratuitously on a regular basis on our biased leftist liberal media. Masked extremists protesting in the streets, chanting hate-America slogans, setting fire to an American flag hoisted upside down on a pole as an added insult of hatred and contempt, even defecating on it in public before setting it on fire, also setting the effigy of an American soldier on fire, while obliging bystanders enthusiastically cheered them on.

But the alarming part of this particular protest was that it did not take place in the streets of Gaza or the West Bank, in the streets of Damascus, or in Teheran, but in our very own streets in Portland, Oregon! And who are those Americans engaging in such abhorrent and contemptible behavior? Well, if their voting records are to be any indication of where their sick and twisted loyalties are, these people vote "Democrat." They comprise that far-left fringe of the Democratic Party which has not only taken over the Party, but has infected our colleges and Academia, is preponderant in the virulently biased news, communication, and entertainment industries, Hollywood, and the press, and which has been slowly but inexorably taking over America. They are the Cindy Sheehan and Howard Dean anti-war crowd; the Sean Penn, Bill Maher, and Rosie O'Donnell "hate and blame America first" crowd; and such insidious traitors in the Halls of government as John Murtha, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, and their ilk. And guess what all these traitors have in common?

These people are unrelenting in their campaign of turning America into a has-been world power, a new Marxist, socialist, godless American USSR which will answer to the secularist leftist world community and have no sovereignty of its own, with open borders. They are adamant to achieve our defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan at all costs to further their defeatist policies, to advance their liberal secularist agenda, and for nothing but base political gains! Like the Jihadist Islamofacists that blew up the Twin Towers on 9/11, the USS Cole, the Kobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, and our Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, and who have unleashed this unspeakable campaign of terror, suicide bombings, daily mass murders, and utter barbarity the world over, which threatens to destroy our very way of life and Western Civilization, their cop-out answer to all the ills of humanity is that "it is America's fault." They hate America viscerally with a passion, and in some twisted, ideological, perverse "mass-death wish" they wish to see it be no more, consumed in some massive conflagration. They are the modern equivalent harbingers of Poe's "Red Death."

But, masked American protesters defecating on our flag and burning it in the streets of Portland, while chanting "Death to America" with the approval, and or worse the apathy, of onlookers is only the tip of the iceberg. Like Bill Maher openly wishing on his show on our television screens that Vice President Cheney would die of a heart attack; or Rosie O'Donnell turning what used to be a family program into a venue for vicious anti-American propaganda, defending our enemies and those who have slain so many innocent Americans such as Khalid Sheik Mohammed the Al-Qaeda mastermind of the 9/11 attacks and other terrorist bombings throughout the world, while accusing our government of every absurd, leftists, paranoiac "Conspiracy Theory" conceivable, from saying that 9/11 was an inside job, to that we planted the fifteen recently kidnaped by the Iranians British sailors, as a way to justify invading Iran; the campaign of America bashing and hating is relentless and pervasive. It has slowly and insidiously percolated its venomous hatred down through the whole fabric of American society! It, and the godless secularist agenda it spouses is literally turning America upside down.

It would do well to recall that saying of some years back about "not griping about the farmer with your mouth full." In like manner all these activist socialist Hollywood actors and celebrities, like Sean Penn, Bill Maher, Rosie, Barbara Streisand, Susan Sarandon, Madonna, et al, should put their sizeable fortunes where their mealy mouths are, practice what they preach, lead by example, and "re-distribute" all their wealth amongst the "proletariat," the "poor," and the "downtrodden," and go back to live in the LA slums, where so many lived while waiting for this "hated" America they so despise to make of their mediocre talents the success stories they are. It is very easy to be a "phoney commie" and preach Marxism lounging by the pool of your Hollywood Hills mansion, sipping on a $900.00 bottle of Courvoisier cognac, while eating Beluga caviar! Talk is cheap. Ask any Cuban who lived under that "Idol" of Danny Glover's and Harry Belafonte's Castro.

While being a Christian is frowned upon by the liberal secularists, and "Christianity" has almost become a "bad word" in government, yet the Democrats started one of their recent functions with a prayer by a Muslim Imam, who proceeded to spew the usual anti-Semitic hate-mongering of his fellow Islamofacists, the enemies we are fighting and that wish to destroy us. Had it been a Priest, or a Minister who would have commenced the event with a Christian prayer, no doubt those in attendance would have been outraged. One has to wonder if Democrats as a whole, as concerned as they are about the rights of murderous terrorists in Guantanamo, and as apologetic as many of them have proven to be for the terrorists, the Islamofacists, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran, may not be considering conversion to Islam.

Cities ban smoking tobacco in all public areas and tenements to the point where a smoker would only be able to light-up on his own property and nowhere else. Granted that smoking tobacco has amply been proven to be the cause of major health issues, and far be from me to advocate its use, but how asinine is it that in that same town, so worried about "second hand smoke", by State Law students, in school, can smoke all the medical marihuana they please and get stoned in class. That is so ridiculously topsy-turvy that it would make even Lewis Carroll's jaw drop!

Or how about the 13 year-old boy arrested, charged with sexual asault, and held for days incommunicado from his parents by the authorities for having patted the buttocks of some of his female classmates in school - a totally reprehensible act, but not meriting the "politically correct" reaction it elicited - while horsing around in the school hall, engaging in the same inappropriate lampoonish behavior he had seen in one of the many outrageous teen situation movies we are constantly being bombarded with on TV, while a convicted illegal alien sex offender is set loose on the streets in Florida to once again prey on innocent children, instead of being kept in jail, or better still, being deported. How crazy is that?!?! Expulsion from school should have been enough.

Or the latest South Park cartoon, where at the end a Muslim man tells his family that they are leaving America because America is "intolerant." Intolerant? This coming from those who wish to impose the yoke of their Sharia by force on everyone else, who habitually and without qualms send their own children to blow themselves up as human bombs in order to kill innocent strangers, and who behead people for the smallest slight to their barbaric religion or their cursed false prophet?!?! You have to be kidding!

The malaise of the Democrats, the far-left, and their secularist "Culture War" on our traditional American values is appalling. It is verily destroying the fabric of our society, our moral and cultural mores, and changing the face of our nation. America is foundering in a cesspool of "political correctness" while our enemies, those who wish to destroy and enslave us from outside and from within, taking advantage of our obtuseness and our fickleness, manipulate the same to their advantage at every turn.

And while that silent majority living in that wide expanse of "Red" between the two fringes of liberalist, secularist, "Blue" on either coast that feeds America, indeed the world from the bounty of our prairies, stupefies itself with Natalee Holloway, Anna Nicole Smith, or what hairdo untalented Sanyaya was wearing at American Idol last night, our enemies, those abroad as well as those within, the far-left and the Democrats, have no such banal compunctions, and struggle tirelessly to achieve their heinous goals while we ruminate on who is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby from a line of possible candidates that goes around the corner of the block where the clinic carrying out the DNA testing is located.

It is the height of hypocrisy and sarcasm, that as anti-"Second Amendment," anti-gun, and anti everything that even smacks of the "Right to Bear Arms" as Democrats are, that none other than one of their rising stars, Junior Senator Jim Webb (D-VA), has been sneaking a loaded gun into Congress via one of his aides, who was caught in the act and must now face the heat in his stead, while Senator Webb washes his hands clean of the incident betraying his lackey. This, in Washington DC, where citizens paradoxically have been denied their Second Amendment rights by law, and no one is allowed not only to Bear Arms, but even to own them!

Unlike the former Virginia Senator whom he replaced, Rick Santorum, who is a likeable and easy-going guy, the Junior Senator from Virginia is an embittered and contemptible individual, a reactionary, who with his venom well represents the Democratic Party for whom he strives. Who can forget when once upon meeting with President Bush during his Senatorial campaign, upon being politely asked about his son (Webb's) who is deployed in Iraq, by the President, instead of answering the President's inquiry politely, Mr. Webb launched into a vicious, virulent, retort telling the President "not to ask him about his son, but to bring him home," injecting into the President's gracious and innocuous query, the anti-war venom that corrodes him, and the inappropriate rhetoric of his defeatist Party. The President appropriately replied that he was asking him how his son was, not about the war in Iraq.

When Senator Webb was confronted with this latest scandal by the press (if we can call it that. Only Republicans have scandals. It seems that from self-perjuring Presidents, to recently deceased Massachusets pedophile members of Congress rotting in hell, to Congressmen with thousands of dollars of ill gotten cash in their freezers (cold cash?), that Democrats can well do whatever the hell they please and are immune to any moral judgements; much less "scandals") he replied to the sound of the drum-beat of the NRA (necessity, rather than politics, makes for the strangest bed-fellows) that "in his position he felt the need to protect himself." One is forced to ask: "From whom?" From Islamofacist radical Muslims hell-bent on assassinating him? Highly unlikely. Jim Webb, and the treasonous Democratic wave he rode to victory in November, are a God-sent to the Jihadist terrorists. All they have to do, is to sit and wait in their caves and hideouts, while the Democrat dominated Congress of the United States does all their dirty work for them, and ensures them, by unconditionally pulling out of Iraq, the victory that otherwise, militarily, they could not in their wildest dreams ever hope to obtain against the might, discipline, and courage, of the United States Military! To the Arab- Muslim mindset, "the enemy of my enemy is my ally." The Democrats are proving to be the greatest allies the Jihadist terrorists could have ever dreamed of having. Such "Dhiminitude" has never before been seen in the annals of history!

So why was Senator Webb "packing heat"? The Jihadist terrorists would never hurt their valuable allies assuring them of victory, so why then? Could it be because Senator Webb is afraid that one of those American soldiers returning from Iraq, whom he and his Party have spat upon, burned their effigies in protest, and called them "Baby killers" (I wonder what you call the Democratic abortionists then?), upon returning home from Iraq, may recall that Oath: "...against enemies foreign and domestic...", and unhinged, may decide to put an end to his miserable, traitorous, life with a bullet to his head?!?! I can only imagine that is Senator Webb's greatest fear, not the Jihadists terrorists to whom he and his Party offer "abetting" and "comfort," that impels him to arm himself, but an uneasy conscience, the wrath of the fellow soldiers he's betrayed!

And then, to top it all off, the person third in line to lead this nation, the Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, announced that she is going to Syria, against the advice of the State Department and the current Administration, in a subversive attempt to make her own Foreign Policy in defiance of the President of the United States and his policies, or, as I personally think, to touch bases with her Jihadist allies, much as John Kerry did with the North Vietnamese in Paris back in the 70's, to coordinate how to better achieve their "common goals," in both cases, to achieve the utter defeat of America!

It is apparent that America is not only fighting Al-Qaeda and the Islamofacist terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, or fighting the "War on Terror," but that more insidiously, we are fighting the greatest threat ever to face our Republic, the "enemy within," and that this constitutes a sinister new front that may well, inevitably, turn into a new Civil War...The War against the Democrat traitors poisoning our souls. That is our new front: "The War on Democrat Traitors."

Posted by Althor at April 1, 2007 8:30 PM

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