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March 31, 2007

UN 'Sensitive' About Muslims' Feelings, Other Religions Don't Matter

Mohammad%20bomb.jpegJules at Forward Movement says he doesn't want to run afoul of the United Nations Human Rights Council which, "Allah be praised, has its eye squarely on the pressing issues of the day"; so he wants to know if it's OK to say the Brits are illegally held hostage and paraded in violation of international law and decency by the Islamic Republic of Iran? Or does he have to leave out the Islamic part.

Naturally, he has additional commentary.

Now that Jules has advised us of the UN resolution, and in order that all of us infidels fully comply with the United Nations Human Rights Council's resolution forbidding public defamation of a religion (only referencing Islam) and forbidding any identification of Islam with terrorism, violence and human rights violations" - you are absolutely forbidden to go to this link (Warning: clicking this link places you in violation of the UN resolution forbidding identifying Islam with violent terrorist acts by followers of Islam that commit violent terrorist acts). Get it?

So now we find ourselves having to develop new nomenclature. Jules ponders what we should call Islam's suicide bombers and suggests "Suicidal religious illegal combatants' ... and notes that's probably a non-starter too. But he keeps trying ....

With all the rush to address Islam's many sensitivities, I guess the UN didn't have time to check the number of terrorist attacks by Islamic terrorists since 9/11, or that in the month of February, alone, there were 237 jihad attacks, resulting in 1716 dead bodies and 2,884 critically injured. As for the number of terrorist attacks by Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and Hindus - combined, well, you already know the answer.

I guess the UN has a problem figuring out what terrorists have in common:

After seeing the video, I can understand the UN's problem. It's really hard to identify what terrorists have in common. And of course there's no way Islam plays any part whatsoever in world wide terrorism.

So much for reason and rational thought!

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Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Richard at March 31, 2007 11:00 AM

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