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March 27, 2007

Souresrafil Links UK Sailor Abduction to Khamenei Speech

Broadcast 27 March on PARS Satellite TV (Los Angeles)

I do not think there will be a war between Western forces and the Islamic republic. The Islamic republic likes to mark time, as it did in that episode with the war, the cup of poison and those things.

At the last minute the Islamic republic always surrenders because it knows that failure to surrender will mean the destruction of the regime--not the destruction of Iran but the destruction of the Islamic republic.

The preachers know how to keep the preacher system from being destroyed, and they have been practicing this for 300-400 years.

What was their mistake? Their mistake was--the Islamic republic has already said it would do this! Let's look at the clip where Mr. Khamenei said what he would do in his New Year's eve speech.

This taking of the soldiers comforms to what Khamenei said about doing illegal things. Let's watch this for 30 seconds, then we'll come back.

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in clip of his 21 March Mashhad speech: We have no objections to being watched by the IAEA and we have no objections to being supervised by them!

Creating a commotion and pressuring our nation over this issue, making utilitarian use of the UN Security Council for the benefit of powers that are opposed to the Iranian nation will be harmful.

If they are going to make utilitarian use of the Security Council and if they want to ignore this indisputable right in this way--everything we have done until today has been in accordance with international law. If they want to break the law, we can break the law too and we will!

Souresrafil: You see? This is the stupidest thing in the world to say, as only this philistine could say it. As I said yesterday, the United Nations is itself the source of international law!

With regard to international law, you cannot tell the UN that it has broken the law. The law on international relations is determined in the UN, along with diplomatic exchanges and conventions.

The UN Security Council is the only place in the world whose word is law on issues exactly like the Iranian nuclear case. The UN Charter says this! Then this ignorant gentleman sits and says this is illegal!

When a person acts like an idiot with three sheets to the wind he will say things like this, but notice, he said we will start breaking the law too! Then the very next day they went and took those English sailors!

Crossposted from Satellite News.

Posted by John at March 27, 2007 7:31 PM

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