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Iran TV News Coverage of UK Sailors Abduction

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Iran TV Interviews 3 Experts on UK Sailor Abduction


March 31, 2007

IRAN TV Editorial on Seizure of UKSailors

Broadcast 30 March on Iranian state satellite TV (IRINN)

Female Announcer: Last Friday Iranian border guards arrested a number of English soldiers who had illegally trespassed in Iranian waters at the Arvand River. The English soldiers had illegally undertaken to search vessels when they were arrested by Iranian forces.

In protest against these measures in violation of internatinal
convention by British soldiers, the English ambassador in Tehran was
summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Iran's protest against
their illegal entry into Iran was conveyed to him.

Male Announcer: The illegal entry by English soldiers into Iranian waters is the second instance of ignoring our nation's borders since the beginning of the occupation of Iraq. Three years ago also Iranian border guards arrested a number of English soldiers in the waters of the Arvand River and took them to our country. After several weeks of negotiations and London's promise not to repeat this mistake, they were turned over to the English government.

Female Announcer: The illegal and interventionist entry by English forces into the territorial waters of the Islamic Republic of Iran was a suspicious measure in violation of international laws and regulations that shows abnormal objectives in violation of international treaties on behalf of the English occupier forces.

Political Affairs Expert Jamshidi: In terms of international law these things are considered illegal aggression, trespassing on our national and independent sovereignty, especially since this trespass was done by English military elements.

This is not the first time they have carried out threatening and offensive actions against the Islamic Republic of Iran. I see this measure really as a kind of pressure against the Islamic Republic of Iran along with the pressure the international community is bringing to bear on Iran's nuclear program.

In really, in arresting these people the Islamic Republic of Iran showed that it will resist their bullying in all its forms and dimensions.

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Posted by John at March 31, 2007 6:13 PM

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