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February 27, 2007

Seymor Hersh - Bulls**t Artist 'Extraordinaire'

Character assassination. A simplistic moral universe in which the U.S. is the villain and Israel the only country yet more villainous. Anonymous sources that cannot be checked. Dark charges based on a crazy patchwork of suppositions. Far-out conspiracy theories. Con men as sources. Reputable sources misquoted. These constitute the decades-long MO of Seymour Hersh, the man now serving as star investigative reporter of the New Yorker. - Rael Jean Isaac, American Spectator, July/August 2004
So, where do you begin to adequately characterize the leftist anti-American propaganda of an American journalist that frames his discussion of Hezbollah as "a member of an opposition coalition with Christian catholics" and believes that any enemy of the USA is a good person and needs to be supported? How about begining with, as The Egyptian Sandmonkey says (who attended Seymour Hersh's lecture at the American University in Cairo), "he's a man who could distort sh*t so well that he could disprove gravity":
I was wowed by this man's ability to verbally give every single member of the audience a handjob. It was exactly everything they wanted to hear and nothing more. Simply amazing. This is a man who knows his audience and how exactly to bullshit them.

... this man is a member of the new Left, and the new left believes that any enemy of the USA is a good person and needs to be supported, because the USA is a very bad and naughty country.

... But the dude was stretching thing a little bit. I mean when he decribed the March 14th movement as "The US backed Sunni dominated Seniora government" I started heaving, but when he described Hezbollah as "a member of an opposition coalition with Christian catholics" I knew I was in the presence of greatness. This is a man who could distort shit so well that he could disprove gravity. And just so you know, the US is backing a "Fitnah" amongst Muslims that is trying to get Sunnis to fight the Shias, who apparently before the US moved into Iraq never fought before. Oh yeah, and it's all the Saudis fault. If you removed the Saudis and the americans, the region would be peaceful with rainbows, butterflies and chocolate springs sprouting all over. It's not like the Iranians are equipping shia militias in Iraq, financing Hezbollah in Lebanon, trying to destabalize the government of Bahrain and occupies part of the UAE. Not gonna mention that, no way. The Iranians are cool after all, because they hate the US.

"A man who could distort sh*t so well that he could disprove gravity"! This comment sounds just like the Seymour Hersh we've known for decades and who Rael Jean Isaac described in his 2004 American Spectator piece, The Cult of Seymour Hersh as a man that never lets the facts interfere with his story and agenda:
Hersh is an ideological yellow journalist. With his tenacity, lack of scruples, narrow vision and white hats versus black hats view of the world, he might have been a successful police reporter - particularly in the earlier journalistic world of Chicago (Hersh's home town) described by Ben Hecht, where letting the facts interfere with a sensational story was a mark against you. But Hersh is unable to handle complicated material, unable to understand or analyze policy issues. He never seems to have heard of standards of evidence. Unable or unwilling to sift out the wildest, most absurd allegations, he tosses them into the pot, as long as they contribute to his being able to say "the target is destroyed."

The real issue is not Hersh but his standing among journalists. Hersh has won over a dozen major journalism awards, including the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Critics Circle Award, four George Polk awards, and this year's National Magazine Award.. How could such dreadful stuff be so well rewarded? There is no worse indictment of the shoddy standards of American journalism and the political bias of its elite than the flood of awards its standard bearers have bestowed on Seymour Hersh.

That Hersh has such high standing in the opinion of his peers speaks volumes to the credibility of the journalists behind the plethora of anti-American and anti-Israeli stories appearing in "anything anti-America is good and true" Western media.

Does Seymour Hersh Have A "Protect Iran' Anti-U.S. Agenda?
The Cult of Seymour Hersh

Posted by Richard at February 27, 2007 8:41 AM

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