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February 19, 2007

'Pelosi's America Exists. It Is Called Europe'

Here's a couple of quotes (hat tip Brussels Journal) that the American electorate should read from Paul Belien's piece, Reshaping America, in The Washington Times - 14 February 2007:

... Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy and the liberal special-interest groups that currently dominate Congress want to reshape America in Europe's image: socialist, secularist and multicultural.

... At the root of the collapse of Western Europe's civilization is the self-inflicted disease of welfarism. It saps people of the strength to take care of themselves, to stand up for their rights, to fight for their freedoms. And yet, while the European example is there for all to see, Mrs. Pelosi's Congress wants to introduce the same in America.

Read it all here.

If only we could all wake up out of our state of malaise and ignorance, and realize where these politicians are taking us.

As Belien points out for any Americans who want to know what our country will be like 20 years from now if it continues to follow the path many of our politicians want it to take, particularly those on the left like Pelosi and her ilk, we need only look at Europe to see what the undermining of Judeo-Christian values, higher taxes, onerous regulations and big, intrusive government will lead to: the collapse of a civilization.

Also at Hyscience

Posted by Richard at February 19, 2007 1:26 PM

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