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February 12, 2007

DNC's Imam Al-Husainy Has Melt Down On The Air

Via Charles at Little Green Footballs, here's the full interview of Imam Al-Husainy on Hannity:

Imam Husham Al-Husainy, who delivered the now-infamous lines about doom, oppression, and occupation at the DNC winter meeting with party chairman Howard Dean standing at his side, was intervewed yesterday on Sean Hannity's radio show.

And the imam had a shrieking, sputtering, complete meltdown:


Robert Spencer's take is right on:

Hannity keeps trying to ask him two questions: Is Hizballah a terrorist group? and Is Ahmadinejad an antisemite? Note Al-Husainy's reaction: not only does he squirm and dance, but he starts accusing Hannity of hating him, hating peace, hating God. This is an extraordinarily common reaction, and is akin to the predictable response that always follows any discussion of the elements of Islam that give rise to violence, supremacism, fanaticism: instead of dealing with those elements of Islam and working to formulate some positive way to mitigate their destructive force, Islamic apologists routinely shift the focus to the one raising the questions, accusing him of hatemongering, bigotry, racism, "Islamophobia." And there is always the accusation that the questioner is worse than, or equivalent to, the terrorists.
Truly an incredible meltdown by a supposed moderate Muslim cleric that actually supports Hezbollah. This is the imam that the DNC chose for their winter meeting, and they want us to believe that they can successfully lead us in the war against radical Islam?

You've got to be kidding.

Previous coverage: Invocation At Democratic National Committee Meeting By Pro-Hezbollah Anti-Semitic Imam Prays For End Of 'Occupation' And Dupes Dems

Posted yesterday at Hyscience

Posted by Mike in Iraq at February 12, 2007 8:27 AM

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