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February 9, 2007

Anna Nicole, The Palestinians And The Media

So what does Anna Nicole's "train wreck" of a life have to do with the media and the Palestinians?

'If it bleeds, it leads,' has long been the media's First Commandment. They love the salacious images of broken lives and they love images of train wrecks and car crashes. Of course, the longest running train wreck and assortment of broken lives in history can be found in the Palestinian Authority.

... For decades, the Palestinians have been accorded a Dali-esque celebrity. Decade upon decade of bad decisions, denial of reality and publicly documented corruption. Rather than editorials asking that the Palestinian leadership be held to account for the implosion of a people, the media encourages the train wreck. The media cannot be bothered to hide their manipulation and encouragement of Palestinians 'resistance,' so the 'right' images be had. If that 'right' image can't be had the first time, the media can stage the event all over again. The media know we will forgive institutionalized violence, racism and bigotry because the Palestinians are poor. The media has rewarded decades of Palestinian 'performances' with status of official victimhood. 'Dance for us,' says the media and the Palestinians, hungrier for the camera and victimhood status than they are for a state and a civilized society, happily oblige.

Read more at Sigmond Carl and Alfred.

Posted by Richard at February 9, 2007 4:07 PM

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