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January 24, 2007

'To Win The War On Terror We Must Take The Fight To The Enemy'!

Overall, a good and reasonably well accepted speech from the president. The New York Sun calls it remarkably upbeat and hopeful:

The president did not flinch from describing America as "a nation at war" against a "totalitarian threat," a "wicked" enemy that wants "to kill Americans, kill democracy in the Middle East, and gain the weapons to kill on an even more horrific scale." The president left little doubt he had confidence in Americans to prevail, citing the examples of heroes such as Sergeant Tommy Rieman of Kentucky, who won a Silver Star for repelling an attack in Iraq and using his body as a shield to protect his gunner. America, the president said, faces "difficult challenges and determined enemies," but it can go forward with confidence because its "cause in the world is right." We may be in the minority of Americans and of New Yorkers in our positive opinion of the president. But surely there is a consensus in the country that our cause is right.
John at Powerline calls it an inspiring, confidence-renewing performance. Dean Barrett sums it up with:
A very pleasant surprise. A strong effort, especially the foreign policy stuff which actually did put the Iraq war in context. The president also benefitted from James Webb's supremely lame, divisive and petty response.
My sentiments, exactly!

Drudge has the full text of the president's SOTU address.

Gateway Pundit apparently likes these comments in President Bush's SOTU address:

To win the War on Terror we must take the fight to the enemy!
Bush lists the attacks that were thwarted since 9-11!
Bush is talking tough on terror! Gotta love it!

"Free people are not drawn to violent and malignant ideologies - and most will choose a better way when they are given a chance. So we advance our own security interests by helping moderates, reformers, and brave voices for democracy. The great question of our day is whether America will help men and women in the Middle East to build free societies and share in the rights of all humanity. And I say, for the sake of our own security . . . we must."

"Yet it would not be like us to leave our promises unkept, our friends abandoned, and our own security at risk."

Democrats sit when Bush speaks of succeeding in the Middle East.

Is Nancy Pelosi biting her tongue?

What a closer:

In such courage and compassion, ladies and gentlemen, we see the spirit and character of America - and these qualities are not in short supply. This is a decent and honorable country - and resilient, too. We have been through a lot together. We have met challenges and faced dangers, and we know that more lie ahead.

Yet we can go forward with confidence - because the State of our Union is strong ... our cause in the world is right ... and tonight that cause goes on.


Statements like these are what we'd expect from the leader of the free world and the WOT. Unfortunately, the Democratic leadership appears to still be in denial over the very existence of the threats we face as evidenced by their response (full text here).

For the life of me I just can't understand why it is that the Democrat's complete lack of anything of substance to offer in the way of a plan isn't more of an isssue. We have no real option than to fight this war, in Iraq and elsewhere, that has been thrust upon us. To continue to push for withdrawal and to completely buy in to the ISG report suggestions, as the Democratic leadership has done, is suicide. The president has made many mistakes in this war, as should be expected. Adjustments have been and must continue to be made. But our only real option is to win. As Bush said in his speech, "The great question of our day is whether America will help men and women in the Middle East to build free societies and share in the rights of all humanity. And I say, for the sake of our own security . . . we must.""

For the sake of our own security, and the continuation of civilization as we know it, we have no other option. Surely, we do need to include diplomacy, when possible. However, we aren't going to be able to talk our way out of this war against radical Islam. They will lie and deceive until they rebuild and have the advantage, as Iran is doing, and then attack again. No agreement is anything but a hudna, which is essentially what the Democratic leadership's suggested form of diplomacy would lead to. And doing so would be nothing but a tactical cease-fire that allows the terrorists to rebuild their terrorist infrastructure in order to be more effective when the "cease-fire" is called off - by them. As the president said in his speech, we have no choice but to take the fight to the enemy. At this point we lack only the will win. The alternative is to die as a nation and a civilization. Radical Islam is not going to compromise with us.

Posted by Richard at January 24, 2007 7:12 AM

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