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January 7, 2007

The Democrats Seek To Leave America With Catastrophic Choices

In a letter to President Bush Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate President Harry Reid said they want out of Iraq. It's over. The American people are sick of it. There is no reason and no will to keep fighting the war in Iraq.
So, if America embarks down the Democrats' proposed road of retreat and total defeat in Iraq, where does it lead?

Jules Crittenden offers a view to the possible future:

..... a dark age, in which brutal second-rate powers such as Russia, China, Iran and North Korea do what they choose to whom they choose without restraint. An age of modern warlords, with no over-arching, feared power to keep them in check. We can watch the sick man that is Europe slowly succumb. We can watch small free nations try to fend for themselves. We can await the inevitable nuclear crisis.
As Jules reminds us, if this sounds overly melodramatic and alarmist to you, you're a fool with no understanding of history.

The very bad news for you naive ostrich imitating naysayers is that in spite of your misguided views, the fight against evil in this world is business as usual - it has never ended and it never will ....

Which brings to mind the thoughts of W. Thomas Smith Jr., writing at Family Matters, who has a few suggestions that all Americans should be giving strong consideration:

......we cannot hope to win in Iraq or anywhere else in the world against radical religious ideologies (that spur conscripts to destroy themselves as a means of destroying us) unless we end the partisanship on Capitol Hill, remove the PC gloves, find a way to counter the MSM's deliberate manipulation of the masses who don't understand the dynamics of warfighting, and commit to destroying the enemy who is deathly committed to killing us.
I wish I could be optimistic on our chances of a single item from Smith's suggestions coming to fruition. Of the two extreme scenarios exemplified by Smith and Crittenden, I have a sick feeling in my gut that partisanship on Capital Hill will continue, the PC gloves will never come off, the MSM will continue its deliberate manipulation of the massess who don't understand the dynamics of warfighting, our collective will to win the war in Iraq and juxtapositionally - the war against radical Islam/al-Qaeda/Iran, will never occur, and that the dark age that Crittenden describes has already begun. It began the day that the American electorate decided to roll over and play dead - in practice for what the future will most certainly bring owing to their naivite'.

I can only hope that I'm wrong as hell - it tears at my gut just thinking that my children and grandchildren are likely to have to live in such a world.

Posted by Richard at January 7, 2007 8:22 AM

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