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January 11, 2007

Is Islam A Culture Of Hatred?

As practiced by some Muslims, the answer is most definitely yes. As Nah·det Masr, a Muslim blogger living in Egypt points out:

... One blogger went even further to wish for the activation of an Islamic Shariya law calling for the execution of any Moslem who converts to another religion.

... I was later amazed when the same people who are criticizing other religions day and night, demanded an apology from the Coptic Pope after the circulation of a CD containing a play criticizing Islam performed behind closed doors in a church in Alexandria! A mob surrounded the church, one man stabbed and killed an elderly Christian worshiper, of course the authorities pronounced the man as "mentally ill"!

... It is again the same culture that burned the consulates during the famous Danish cartoon protests in Syria, and killed a old nun in Lebanon in protest of the pope's remarks accusing Islam of violence!

... The US killed 2.5 millions in Vietnam; yet, I haven't seen any citizen of Vietnam flying an airliner into the towers in the US in revenge!

... Japan killed 12 million Chinese during its occupation of that country, yet, I haven't seen any Chinese flying a plane into the towers of Tokyo!

... However, Vietnamese and Chinese are not indoctrinated day and night that the others are out to get them and their religion, and that they are infidels who should be fought.

Read more about the culture of hatred practiced by many Muslims, and what Nah·det Masr believes that should be done about the problem.

The following videos also address the issue of hate in much of Islam, especially as it relates to Israel and the Jews:

Hate in Islamic culture (part 1)

Hate in Islamic culture (part 2)

Hate in Islamic culture (part 3)

Hate in Islamic culture (part 4)

Nonie Darwish, another Egyptian Muslim, also has much to say about hate in Islamic culture, and says that Muslims need jobs - not jihad: We were brought up to hate - and we do ...

Muslims need jobs - not jihad. Apologies about cartoons will not solve the problems. What is needed is hope and not hate. Unless we recognise that the culture of hate is the true root of the riots surrounding this cartoon controversy, this violent overreaction will only be the start of a clash of civilis-ations that the world cannot bear.
More here...

Also, more on hate in Islam here - by Bat Yeor...

As for what to do about the culture of hatred within Islam, Nah·det Masr's suggestions are good ones, however, what's sorely needed is for more moderate Muslims to speak out against the jihadists and their culture of hate within Islam - like here ...

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Posted by Abdul at January 11, 2007 9:13 PM

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