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January 23, 2007

Hezbollah Myths Shattered

What do you call Hezbollah's campaign to rebuild Lebanon? According to a Hezbollah spokesman as reported by the New York Times, it's known as 'Construction Jihad.'

Now that you're back from falling to the floor in laughter, or at least I am, it is of interest to note the NYT's latest article on the reconstruction in Lebanon. Do you recall the photos ofHezbollah officials handing out wads of American cash to residents in Lebanon? Those officials appeared to be in schools or a similar building. Hassan Nasrallah claimed rebuilding Lebanon would be quick, and I certainly thought Hezbollah would do something because it would be a huge boost for the terrorist organization.

It appears I was wrong. When the cameras went away and the headlines across the world started to focus on something else, Construction Jihad was no more. In a now forgotten era of the mixture of bulldozers, engineers and a blood-thirst for religious domination, Construction Jihad had closed up shop and changed its name to just Jihad.

"They told us everything was going to be rebuilt soon," Mr. Seyed said Tuesday, speaking of town leaders. "They're not doing anything now. We want to build but they won't let us. They promise to pay us, but they don't. All we want is our homes back and they won't even let us have them!"

Mr. Sayed, they aren't paying you because they are wasting money on bringing protesters into Beirut. It's capturing media attention.

All of this is rather enlightening, really, in the sense that it dispels two popular myths about Hezbollah. The first newly dispelled myth is repeated several times over, quite frequently by American leftists, in that Hezbollah isn't a terrorist organization but rather a gift-giving charity and political system. Hezbollah certainly is both, to an extent, and Construction Jihad is the perfect example of how Hezbollah's own narcissism ruins any 'charity' the group may have.

Hezbollah filled the hopes of those who had their homes destroyed due to Hezbollah deciding the best place to fire Katyusha rockets was on the citizens' very own streets. Imagine, if you will, you're a Lebanese Shia who supports Hezbollah because they are the local political party and, frankly, you don't know any better. From what you hear, Israel launches a war against your nation and party affiliation. Hezbollah militants proceed to fire a dozen Katyusha rockets towards Israel at some location in your city. Your at home snuggled up on the couch watching your favorite television show, 'How the Jews Stole Ramadan,' when you hear a truck drive up and park in your yard. Wondering what all the fuss was, you go to check it out and are yelled at by Hezbollah for interefering with the 'party of God.' You leave to a relative's house only to come back later and find your house is now rubble. Hezbollah gives you $10,000 and promises to rebuild your home under the false pretense of Jihad. Months later, the rubble that was your home is now in a pile one miile from your house, but you still have no roof. Are you going to think Hezbollah is a charity?

The second myth this destroys is how Hezbollah intends to fight its war against both Israel/Infidels and the Lebanese government. The myth is that Hezbollah cares for the Shia in Lebanon and has the interest of all of Lebanon in their sights. The reality is far more mundane. They are camera prostitutes, selling their bodies for photos and television reports to confuse the world as to their intentions. Stick a camera in their faces in any of the rather obvious staged photo shoots, they greet you with open arms. Catch them off guard and they will forcefully tell you to cease with the photography. When all cameras are gone, they get back to what they do best, sowing seeds of hatred by mass deception.

It seems in light of the uncovering of these two myths, if the residents in the town where Construction Jihad once pledged to rebuild wanted to push the 'party of God' to carry out their promises, they would simply pick up a camera or drag in a reporter to the area. If they can manage to shoot on location for months, Construction Jihad just might finish the work. But there's bigger fish for Hezbollah to fry. They want the Siniora government out of Lebanon, which was their goal ever since Syria was kicked out of Lebanon.

Posted by Chad at January 23, 2007 3:08 PM

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