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December 15, 2006

Pope and Archbishop issue joint declaration

I call this a very positive event in the history of the Church - Pope Benedict and Archbishop Christodoulos of Greece called for the full union in faith of their churches and proclaimed a joint responsbility to overcome past difficulties, and call on scientists to respect human life:

"Our meeting in charity makes us more aware of our joint task: together to follow the arduous path of dialogue in truth in order to re-establish full communion of faith. ... Thus we obey a divine mandate ... and continue our commitment, ... following the example of the Apostles and demonstrating mutual love and a spirit of reconciliation."
Among other meaningful declarations comes this statement that needs to be heard by all people of faiths, everywhere:
"We believe that religions have a role to play to ensure the triumph of peace in the world, and that they must in no way be the focus for intolerance and violence," the statement continues. "As Christian religious leaders, we exhort all religious leaders to maintain and reinforce inter-religious dialogue, and to work to create a society of peace and fraternity among individuals and peoples. This is one of the missions of religion."
I anxiously await with bated breath, a similar message from Islamic leaders.

Posted by Richard at December 15, 2006 11:14 AM

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