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December 1, 2006

On The Arab-Iranian Hostility Toward Israel

I like to point to this every now and then, just to help readers keep a realistic perspective of the situation Israel is facing in the never-ending hostility against it from its neighbors.

After viewing the graphic introduction here (I like the music), one is left wondering just what is it about Israel that so threatens its Arab and Iranian neighbors.

It brings up one of those "why do they hate us" moments, only in this case, why to the Arabs and Iranians hate the evil Joooozzzzzz so much!

Even Saudi columnist Hussein Shubakshi wonders why, and opened a debate on the issue here.

I can't help but ask our Arab and Iranian friends, why is it that there is not an Arab state or an Arab controlled piece of territory in the Middle East that will allow one Jew to live in or on it. Yet, by contrast, there are more than a million Arabs, Muslim and Christian, living safely in Israel where they enjoy more citizen rights than the Arabs living in any Arab country -- or for that matter the Muslims living in any Muslim country. But not a single Jew can live in a single Arab state. More on why the Arabs hate the Jews - here.

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Posted by Richard at December 1, 2006 9:22 AM

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