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December 1, 2006

On Placing Responsibility Where It Belongs

Drima at Sudanese Thinker points to a new Sudanese blogger - Path2Hope at Nomadic Thoughts - and says she's got very smart and honest opinions that he truly admires. In linking to this post of hers in which she says ...

... the world wonders why Africans are not taking control of their continent and gearing it towards the right direction. I wish I had an answer - it's so easy to blame all our tragedies on colonization, much easier than taking responsibility on our lack of commitment towards this continent. How can we advance when Africans are the ones holding Africans back?
... commenting on her post, Drima offers:
Even if you changed the word "Africans" with "Muslims" or "Sudanese" it will still sadly remain so bloody true.
Sad, but true!

My friend Drima is a Muslim living in Malaysia, and is one of many moderate Muslims that are beginning to speak out against jihadism and the tendency of some Muslims to blame others for self-inflicted ills.

Posted by Richard at December 1, 2006 10:38 AM

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