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December 9, 2006

Has "Democracy" Gone Mad?

Now and then there comes a time to rant - this is one of those times. Besides, it's been a lousy news day.

In the wake of Ariel Sharon's demise the Israeli people have chosen a leader, Ehud Olmert, whose very own secularist wife and children openly oppose him politically, campaign against him, and vote for his opposition! Is it not written that "A House divided against itself will not stand"? And what about us in America in light of the results of the infamous November elections, are we not destined to learn the folly of a protest vote and the vote of poorly informed and misguided voters (let's not forget that Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran cheered the results of the U.S. elections and called the results a victory for them - recognizing that with Democrats in power they have a better chance to defeat Western civilization)?

Looking at the election in the Palestinian Territories of the Hamas terrorists, who do not recognize Israel's right to exist as a nation but that rather wish to perpetuate the "Status Quo" of endless violence and bloodshed, in free elections; the Iranian people having chosen that Apocalyptic madman Ahamdinejad, who has promised to "wipe Israel from the face of the earth", over a more moderate candidate, in free elections; the unthinkable victory of the cut-and-run defeatist Democrats in the November elections, in these most critical times in our nation's history which may well bring about our doom, in free elections; and now the re-election of that tin-pot, mongrel, dictator, Hugo Chávez, in Venezuela, who has openly stated his intentions of subverting the democratic process in that country and of wishing to remain in power indefinitely in order to impose his Castro styled Marxist agenda, who has shown every intention of preparing to embark in militaristic adventurism in the area, who will meddle in the internal affairs of his neighbors, as he has in the past, and will only bring more instability and strife to South America, a region already rife with illiteracy, endemic poverty and social turmoil; again in free elections; begs the question: "Is democracy gone mad in the world?!?!" We must never forget, that Hitler also came to power in Germany in such populist "free elections"!

Imagine if due to all the on-going surrender defeatism at our Capitol, and the on-going unfettered ethnic invasion from south of the border which threatens the very identity of our nation, some "angry white male," "Supremacists," were all of a sudden, in like manner, to abuse our electoral process, and preying on the fears and prejudices of our fickle electorate, as the Democrats did the anti-war sentiments in the last elections, come to powe. Would that then constitute "democracy"?

Perhaps we should rethink the parameters of what constitutes "democracy" when genocidal murderers, tin-pot dictators, terrorists, and treasonous Democratic Legislators - who abet and aid the enemy - abuse the idiosyncrasies of the democratic process, and the prejudices and fickleness of an electorate too brutish and ignorant, and too bent on its own hedonistic pursuits, in order to ascend to power... for the ill of us all.

All this surely beckons reasonable people ask at what point do the results at the polls cease to be an exercise in the democratic will of the commonwealth of a nation, and simply turn into nothing more than blind, brutal, base, mob rule? Again, Hitler's ascension to power by the popular vote of the German people in 1933 should be poignantly telling; and a warning.

The awesome privilege of "democracy" carries along with it the awesome responsibility of being willing to sacrifice our lives to perpetuate it, and of safeguarding it; something our hedonistic American society, more concerned with perpetuating their rights to aberrant sexual behavior, and their practices of immorality, will not do; unwilling even to fight to safeguard our very existence as a free people!

Is that then democracy? Is the downward spiral of a great nation, as with Rome, to be considered democracy, because some of its constituents are too engrossed in their meaningless daily existence to contribute to its preservation; or too committed to the undermining of that democracy for Partisan gains and or the perpetuation of their immoral "alternate" lifestyles, to fight for it?

It is an old axiom that "The enemies of my enemies are my allies." Does that mean that every Bush hater, who for political Partisanship wishes Bush's policies to fail, and for us to loose in Iraq, is therefore an "ally" of the Islamofacists who brought upon us 9/11, and that even now plot to kill us, and wipe Israel off the face of the earth? I certainly think so; and they should be brought to justice! There is quite an abysm of difference between conscientious " dissent" and the outright treason of such as Kennedy, Murtha, Pelosi, Durbin, and Reid; and those who voted them into power; even as that effeminate, given ironically by Fox a voice, Alan Colmes, promotes and subverts. The echoes of Germany and the subsequent persecution and intent to eradicate the Jewish people, God's People, into oblivion, seem once again to be an agenda with many; even amongst ourselves!

Take President Carter's last book. It is an inaccurate portrayal of the struggle between the Israelis wishing to achieve a peaceful existence in their ancestral land, and the Islamist Palestinian terrorists, who choose death - not life, who send in their own children as weapons of mass destruction, to sow death and fear on strangers who have done them no wrong - the Israeli population, and who would annihilate their brothers in Abraham off the face of the earth, and drive them like lemmings into the sea, if given half a chance; as Iran's Ahmadinejad, and others even amongst us, have so often proclaimed.

What have the majority of the participants in the Baker-Hamilton Commission, and President Carter have in common? There is no love lost between them and the State of Israel, and as Glenn Beck has pointed out in his program, Israel is being set up to have to deal with the Iranian nuclear crisis threatening its very existence, all by itself, while we, and the rest of the world, sit idly by watching - all too ready to condemn them for the very same inevitable actions we are too effeminate to undertake ourselves.

Bill O'Reilly may protest that a caller, without using any vulgarity, called President carter on TV an "anti-Semite" on the Larry King show, where Carter was peddling his latest, propagandistic, book about Israeli "Apartheid" as he calls it - an insult to those in South Africa who were real victims of Apartheid, unlike the hateful Palestinians! I disagree vehemently!

"By their actions you should know them..." President Carter's position amply points to his true feelings. It is time that we expose President Carter and his anti-Semitic agenda. He is no friend of Israel or the Jewish people! Neither is the Baker - Hamilton Commission.

If it wasn't because of President Carter's betrayal, due to his twisted ideology, and his abandonment of the Shah of Iran in the 70s, there would never have arisen an Iranian Revolution, nor would there have been an Ahmadinejad, or a nuclear Iran threatening the world with its Apocalyptic, fanatical 12th Imam scenarios of worldly destruction and Israel "wiped off the face of the earth"! That is just one more of ex-President Carter's ignominious legacies. So much for "Peacemakers" like him. He so proves Dante right: "Hell is paved with good intentions"!

President Carter may indeed be a very "religious" man in his own fashion, just as those blowing themselves in order to kill innocent bystanders in the name of Allah are, but he surely has forgotten the pronouncements of Isaiah, Hoshea, and all the Prophets of the Hebrews, in what he calls the "Old Testament". One thing is amply self-evident, ex-President Carter, for all his grandstanding and parading as a "Peacemaker," and all his religious affiliations, is no friend of Israel! Conversely, I would say that he therefore cannot be a friend of the God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Joseph, and Jesus, whom he purports to worship.

The fruits of Carter's actions; from the rise of the Islamic Republic in Iran, which his abandonement of the Shah helped usher, with its deadly influence on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and its nefarious ramifications even today as in Lebanon with Hezbollah; to his failed negotiations in 1994 with the North Koreans, which did not dissuade nor prevented them from developing nuclear weapons as we all have come to witness; to his legitimization of tin-pot dictator Hugo Chávez to the detriment of the Venezuelan people, of peace, and of true democracy in the region; as well as all the other resulting perils the world faces of which he, Carter, has been the catalyst, only prove that his misguided "pacifism," has only made this world a far sorrier place - it may well be said that the world would be a much better place had he never been born.

All that Carter has managed to accomplish, is to further mar this world with all the evil unleashed by his naivete, incompetence, and mendacity... something which he obstinately continues to pursuit! That is Carter's dubious legacy, to the sorrow of the world!

Sorry O'Reilly, just telling it like it is!

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Althor at December 9, 2006 4:55 PM

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