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August 14, 2006

Random Thoughts On The 'Ceasefire' In Lebanon

It's time to drag out the ole south Georgia farm boy routine again, and as before, advise you that I am no expert on Middle East politics, or that which is more aptly called ME theopolitical politics, since everything that has to do with Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, and much of the Islamic community, is driven by a crazy radical Islamic ideology that, as with many members of the global ummah, is imposible to separate from their religion, or their sick version of what they call a religion. For them, they are one and the same. So, having been forwarned that you should take everything I say with a grain of salt, here's today's rant:

  • Since those Hezballah "guerillas" (sic - read terrorists) not only hide among the civilians but in fact are those civilians that live in, moved out of, and are now moving back into southern Lebanon, isn't it a bit silly to even pretend to believe the UN/US/French fantasy that the UNIFIL/Lebanese Army non-force will prevent Hezbollah from moving back into southern Lebanon? It's like, you know, as we speak they're flowing back in like rats to cheese. C'mon, we didn't all just fall off that turnip truck I keep referring to, did we?
  • Remember those 2 Israeli soldiers that were kidnapped by Hezbollah, you know, the ones that were the pretext for Israel's willy nilly assault into Lebanon? They're not even part of the equation now, they aren't even a sub-paragraph in the UN resolution in terms of any solution that demands the return of the soldiers. It's simply left up to Nasarallah. Does this make any sense? What's been "won" by Israel? Butkus. Don't believe the Whitehouse spin that Israel or the West has accomplished anything at all, because terrorism has won. Al-Taqiyya has has been used to fool the West once again, and the UN/US/French - initiated UN agreement is, for the Islamic terrorists, nothing more than a hudna. For what is being touted as a 'cease-fire' is, to the Islamists, nothing more than a hudna [also known as a hudibiyya or khudaibiya], which is a tactical cease-fire that allows the Arabs (Islamists in this case) to rebuild their terrorist infrastructure in order to be more effective when the "cease-fire" is called off. In other words, Israel and the West with her, has just been screwed, blued, and tattoed. And we're not going to like what happens next. As for the soldiers, if the Israelis do get them back, it will come with a painful price - the release of murderous terrorists now in Israeli prisons, where they belong.
  • How about Iran and Syria. The silence from the international community regarding Iran and Syria's complicity in this whole Lebanon affair, is pure insanity. No one anywhere, not a single government leader, not a single diplomat, has uttered a single word about holding Syria and Iran responsible for arming Hezbollah, funding Hezbollah, training Hezbollah, and using it as a proxy to attack Israel (and threaten virtually every Western democracy). Why not? If Iran can fund terrorists, they can damned well fund the rebuilding of Lebanon. Why should the West pay for what Iran has done? Do you want your tax dollars going to pay for what Iran should be paying for? Iran and Syria should be told to pay up or receive heavy sanctions and the seizing of their funds that are in banks outside of Iran (not much left to seize though, Iran's already moved most of their funds owing to their nuclear ambitions and the possibility of sanctions related to their likely refusal to comply with the demands of the international community). The next warning should be that of military action - which is going to occur whether we want it or not, anyway, since Iran will be using nuclear bombs to attack the West in the very near future.
  • And finally, we can now expect a ramping up of terrorism throughout the world and especially in Israel and the West. The Islamists all over the world have been emboldened by what can only be called the defeat of Israel (and the West) by Hezbollah. Expect Iran to refuse to comply with the international community's demands that it stop its nuclear development, and also expect the announcement by Iran that it if fact has atomic bombs. That will come much sooner than all the experts pontificated. Islam's war against the West just got energized, and is about to take off like a moonrocket. Bush has failed us and Israel, Israel has failed Israel and the West, and Hezbollah and Iran are now in the driver's seat. We patiently await their next move, and along with al-Qaeda, Iran and Hezbollah's competitor in terror, we will be enduring, for generations to come, what can only be described as hell on earth. And in the end, which won't be anytime soon - likely sometime in the next generation or two, those who are still alive will look back on this year as the year that the West surrendered to Islam. The years between now and then will be looked upon the time it took Iran's and al-Qaeda's brand of Islam to move in and take control.

Thank you George Bush. Thank you Ehud Olmert. Thank you for your naivite, your dhimmitude, and your lack of testosterone. We have lost the war against radical Islam, and only a miracle can reverse our misfortune - the misfortune of allowing the Islamists to use democracy, freedom, and respect for human life, against us. We have been foolish to allow ourselves to be fooled by those that know us to be fools.

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Richard at August 14, 2006 3:49 PM

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