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August 16, 2006

On The Non-Importance Of World Opinion

"... world opinion" is constantly upset with America and Israel, two of the most decent countries on earth, yet silent about the world's cruelest countries.
According to Dennis Prager, writing at RealClearPolitcs, if you are ever morally confused about a major world issue, there is a rule that is almost never violated: "Whenever you hear that "world opinion" holds a view, assume it is morally wrong." He also offers a related rule if your religious or national or ethnic group ever suffers horrific persecution: "World opinion" will never do a thing for you. Never":
"... world opinion" bends toward power. To cite the Israel example, "world opinion" far more fears alienating the largest producers of oil and 1 billion Muslims than it fears alienating tiny Israel and the world's 13 million Jews. And not only because of oil and numbers. When you offend Muslims, you risk getting a fatwa, having your editorial offices burned down or receiving death threats. Jews don't burn down their critics' offices, issue fatwas or send death threats, let alone act on such threats.

The moment one recognizes "world opinion" for what it is -- a statement of moral cowardice, one is no longer enthralled by the term. That "world opinion" at this moment allegedly loathes America and Israel is a badge of honor to be worn proudly by those countries. It is when "world opinion" and its news media start liking you that you should wonder if you've lost your way.

He also says that "World opinion" has little or nothing to say about the world's greatest evils and regularly condemns those who fight evil.

Well said, and right on!

Hat tip - SacredScoop.com

Original post at Hyscience

Posted by Richard at August 16, 2006 4:30 PM

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