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August 14, 2006

On 'Islamo Facism, Nazism, The Religion of Death, and terrorism today'

Right Truth asks how do you 'reason with' a group of individuals who praise death, who strive for death, who preach death? She answers that you don't, and points to Robert Duncan's article at Spero News that says despite some weak politically correct attempts, the fact is there is a radical, heretical brand of Islam fostering terrorism that is indeed a by-product of Fascism and a hatred of Jews.

Check out the key points, with linkds, along with Right Truth's commentary...

Right Truth makes an important point when saying that when English (or American) Muslims are guided by imams at mosques on how to get to Afghanistan or Pakistan for jihad training, and told, "It's an honour for a family to have a son who abandons his useless studies to consecrate himself to the life of jihad", it's way past time to stop pussy-footing around. Radical imams need to be identified and rooted out, and that can best be done by responsible Muslims who are tired of the radicals being the loudest voice for Islam. Me thinks that the West needs to get on the stick, because millions of youth are being indoctrinated through mosques and radical Islamist leaders. They even get indoctrinated in their neighborhoods by older peers.

Posted by Abdul at August 14, 2006 3:56 PM

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