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August 22, 2006

How To Deal With Terrorism (And Iran)

The idiots (... well-meaning but much misguided and delutional peacemakers) have won this fight for the Islamists. Perhaps not today, or tomorrow, but they have. Until the day that I see the bombers leaving out en masse to take care of business where it is needed most, and not relent until the job is done, then that will be my opinion on the matter. We've lost this war, and Iran and the other Muslim nations know it.
Few are willing to face what it'll take to end the war-and those who scream for "peace" are the least willing to do what it takes to bring it all to an end.
Sobering and important, a good read. Right Wing Conspiracy has more, with links.

Smart diplomacy, so long as it offers the opportunity for success, should always be our first option. However, given that the West now faces an enemy that uses deception, lying, and negotiation as a tool of war to buy time for them to become more powerful or to better position themselves for the next attack, even willing to agree to false ceasefires (hudna - Muslim "rope-a-dope". And let's not forget about al-taqiyya.) as a temporary pause in their war against us - for the sole purpose of gaining a better advantage, our failure to deal with the problem militarily with immediate and overwhelming force is seen by this enemy, radical Islam, as both a weakness and a reason for ever more increasing aggression.

Not only is it not immoral for the Israelis and all Western governments to defend themselves by a preemptive strike on Iran, it is a moral imperative!

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Cross posted by Hyscience

Posted by Richard at August 22, 2006 3:58 PM

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