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August 20, 2006

How Did We Miss This? Islamist Blogger Issues Fatwah Against 'Zionist' Journalists. (But Nicole Kidman is SO HOT)

On Friday, Akram Awad at Bonsoir posted an Action Alert titled "Action Alert - Nicole Kidman shame on you!," in which he criticised the 84-celebrity statement published in Los Angeles Times blaming Hamas and Hezbollah for the civilian casualties in "Israel" and Lebanon. He asked people to take action by boycotting the celebrities, and by writing to them denouncing their "false statement and educating them about the true situation and history of the Middle East conflict" (Awad's "Islamist" view of the statement made by the celebrities - it's always the evil Joozzzz.... , as though Hezbollah and Hamas are all direct descendents of an Islamic version of the Virgin Mary in both word and deed).

In Awad's post, he said enlarged bold red type, "Action Needed" and "Together we can make the difference."

Note: You absolutely do not want to miss the comments at Ahwads post.

Subsequently, two Journalists (Awad calls them Zionists), Tim Blair (The assistant editor of the Bulletin weekly magazine and the former senior editor of the Time magazine and Fox News ) and Jules Crittenden (The reporter, columnist and City Editor of the Boston Herald) launched an extensive effort to get as many pro-Israelis as they can to enter Awad's blog, copy the celebrities contact list and use it to thank the celebrities for what Awad calls "their full-of-lies statement."

Not to be outdone, Adwad fired back with a fatwah, of sorts, against Blair and Crittenden, declaring to his fellow Islamists, "Now it's YOUR time to work. If it is a matter of number let's show them who wins the battle. Let's show them what real dedication means."

I'll post the signatories mailing list here again. Write a short, clear and straightforward letter and send it to one or some of the signing celebrities. Tell them they were wrong and tell them why.

Please give it few minutes of your time and few pennies from your pocket.

Together we can make the difference

Well now, what should we do about this fatwah against our tellow Zionist pig journalists? Perhaps a little action of our own is called for.

We can do a little letter writing of our own using Awads mailing list (do celebrities really read their mail from us unimportant people?) or we can plaster the Islamist's challenge of "battle" against the infidels along with our support of the statement made by Nicole Kidman and the other celebrities - all over the Internet (Remember - Nicole Kidman is SOOOO HOT!!!). I don't see this as doing "battle," (As Awad appears to see it), I think of it more like fun and games. And although I was never very fond of Monopoly (too long and boring), I always did think "Battleships" was a hoot!

You should also Meet Jules Crittenden here. And be sure to let your voice be heard by commenting in our forum, and also at the above links. If you're a blogger, post on the story and pass it around. If you're a reader, email the story around.

BTW, I fully support Awad's actions. At least he's not running around blowing people up, albeit he's a bit misguided and stuck deep into a well of hate and violence in believing the false truths and ideology of radical Islam, and all that BS about the Palestinians having anything to do with all the Arab world's self-inflicted ills. The fact that so many moderate Muslims have climbed out of that hole, and rejected the blame everyone but us mentality, shows that it can be done. The ongoing question is why is it that so many can't seem to escape from the Islamist's ideology of violence, hate, and blame. Awad seems a decent sort of fellow, it's a shame that he's so screwed up, having swallowed hook, lyin and sinker, the poison pill of Islamist fascism.

Hat tip - Jules Crittenden for the story about this ongoing, and raging war of hearts and minds (beats the hell out of IEDs and suicide vests)

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Richard at August 20, 2006 12:44 PM

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