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August 3, 2006

Hezbollah: No cease-fire without pullout

Hezbollah's chief spokesman, Hussein Rahal, said that there won't be a ceasefire until all Israeli soldiers leave Lebanon:

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Hezbollah's chief spokesman said Thursday that his group will not agree to a cease-fire until all Israeli troops leave Lebanon. "Declaring a cease-fire is not the concern of the people of Lebanon as long as there is one Israeli soldier on Lebanese soil -- even one meter (into Lebanon)," Hezbollah spokesman Hussein Rahal said in a live interview with Al-Jazeera television.
To which The Big Pharoah opines:
... brace yourself for a long war then folks. The Israelis (and the US, UK, and Germany) don't want an immediate ceasefire, and even if they agreed on one in the future, they want to be the ones who hand over the southern Lebanon buffer zone to the international force, should there be one. And Hezbollah on its part will not agree on a ceasefire with Israeli troops on Lebanese soil. And just for your info, Israel now controls the zone it held until its withdrawal in 2000.
And to which I add what I've said in previous posts: "Islamism (not the Muslim faith - but radical Islam) isn't out to change Israeli policy in the region, Islamism is out to completely eradicate the country of Israel, and from there, the West. The goal of the Islamists is to make Lebanon the first country in the new caliphate. Israel's military operation in Lebanon and Gaza, although very regretable in terms of "actual" civilians killed (as opposed to Hezbollah fighters dressed as civilians) is important for the entire Western world that includes both moderate Muslims (who are increasingly killed by radical Islamists) and non-Muslims alike.

Ceasefire? Only if the West is willing to surrender now to the radical Islamic proxy of Iran. We need to realize that Lebanon has become the line in the sand, pulling back from the line is victory for Ahmadinejad and his brand of Islam. I know war first hand, I am not in favor of war, only peace - a lasting peace. Unless the radical Islamists are stopped in Lebanon, and elsewhere, and that means Iran and Syria along with Hamas, the number of people that will die will be exponentially greater than the rate and number that are presenly dying now in Lebanon and Israel. Every loss of life is a tragedy, but the greater tragedy is a never-ending cycle of hate and violence that results in the death of multidudes more. The majority of Muslims in the world want peace, as do the majority of non-Muslims. We, who do not seek world domination need to stand up and stand together to say no more hate, no more violence, no rule of one religion over another. Let's take the fight to those behind it, Iran, Syria, and al-Qaeda, end it once and for all, and then spend the money wasted in hate, violence, and war on education, social services, jobs, and other peaceful pursuits.

Posted by Richard at August 3, 2006 5:16 PM

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