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August 13, 2006

Are you Ready? Psalm 9-11 - 'I will fear no evil'

Strong, ruthless men and women go long hours without sleep for you. They do everything they can to keep you safe. They are your shield. They will kill for you, and die for you.You can take comfort from that knowledge and draw strength from their example. ... But that is not enough. There is something you have to find within yourself. It may be that one day, our shield will fail, and the insidious foe that operates from beyond our borders and even within them will penetrate that shield and kill some of us again. (Jules Crittenden)
As it becomes ever more obvious to all but the sleepwalkers among us that the day of attack by Islamic fascists - the indidious foe operating from beyond and within our borders, actually happens, as it most surely will sooner rather than later, Jules Crittenden at the Boston Herald reminds us that it will soon be time for all of us to join together with those strong, ruthless men and women - and fear no evil.

Are you ready? Muslims that do not buy-in to the fundamentalist's ideology, and all non-Muslims, are equally hated by radical Islamists, the enemy of freedom, democracy, and true tolerance in a secular society. The first step in defeating Iran's brand of Shi'ite Islam and al-Qaeda's Wahabbist brand of Sunni Islam, is recognition of their threat and their intentions of destroying us.

Originally posted at Hyscience

Posted by Abdul at August 13, 2006 12:34 PM

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