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August 10, 2006

Al Qaeda Endorses Joe Lieberman

Let's say, they did so inadvertantly. Those security moms that cast their feel-good votes Tuesday to express their distaste for violence, allowed themselves to be briefly distracted by the bright shiny object Lamont was dangling in front of them -- easy peace, all glittery and yours for the asking -- are waking up from their gauzy dream this morning and remembering what Joe Lieberman stands for. Their security. Something not easily achieved. Something that requires hard choices and uncompromising action.

As Joel Crittenden points out at the Boston Herald, another quarter has been heard from. Al-Qaeda, always annoyed when it is ignored, has spoken up again. With its plot to blow multiple commerical airliners out of the sky, Al-Qaeda has just endorsed Joe Lieberman.

Another quarter has been heard from in Connecticut's senatorial race. The crucial al-Qaeda endorsement.

This pack of political activists -- thuggish, given to strongarm tactics -- just endorsed Joe Lieberman.

The Lamont crowd, narrowly victorious in Tuesday's primary, had forgotten about this part of the body unpolitic. The part that wants to kill us.

Ned Lamont, like Cindy Sheehan and the rest of the one-issue Left, thinks the enemy is George Bush. They think George Bush is the greatest threat to world stability and individual rights. They think he is the one who wants to kill us and enslave us.

They also believe that Iraq is something different. An elective war, not part of the war on terrorism, never a threat to the United States.Iraq is the tub they thump. "Bush lied, soldiers died."You're familiar with the drumbeat. They hate everything about the Iraq war.Death. Detainee abuse scandals.Psychotic rapist murderer GIs. White phosporous. Sectarian violence. Massive election turnouts. Especially the massive election turnouts. That's the part that lets us know, this all might be worth it. The Iraqi people, the terrorized majority, millions upon millions of ordinary Iraqis desperately want us to succeed.

It's time for Connecticut voters and the rest of the "feel good hate everything" crowd to wake up and smell the coffee, while contuing to read Crittenden's "Al-Qaeda Endorses Joe Liberman."

Posted by Richard at August 10, 2006 12:25 PM

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