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August 14, 2006

Ahmadinejad on '60 Minutes'

I didn't watch all of the '60 Minutes' interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for various reasons, namely because Mike Wallace refused to actually ask tough questions and seemingly threw fastballs to a fastball hitter. But the point in the interview that I turned it off was when Wallace stated to Ahmadinejad that Bush was the commander in chief of the "so-called" free world. Wallace put the ball on the tee with that one.

Kash, an Iranian expatriot, did watch it though and has some great commentary. One particular response from Kash is as follows:

Ahmadinejad used this opportunity to threaten Bush, "Please give him this message, sir. Those who refuse to accept an invitation to good will not have a good ending or fate." This message did sound like a threat and Ahmadinejad did mean it. Remember that he compares his letter to Bush to the letter Muhammad--Muslim's prophet--sent to the Persian King "khosrow Parviz" asking him to become a muslim. Khosrow Parviz refused to do so and even is said to have torn the letter. Eventually, an Islamic invasion put an end to the Persian empire.

'Good' in this case is Islam, just as I noted in my first analysis of the letter (see full letter HERE) sent by Ahmadinejad to President Bush. It was a dawah, Ahmadinejad later said as much as well, and he confirms it yet again in last night's interview. This critical fact was largely glossed over if mentioned at all in most media reports.

The issue of Ahmadinejad's invitation is significant and fortells of his master plan, at least in substance. Kash mentions one time in history where a dawah was issued in a prelude to war, but there are countless times the same tactic was employed even during Muhammed's life all with the same outcome, war.

In an email exchange with Kash last night, Kash brought up a point that I had missed previously.

Ahmadinejad even refuses to wear suits in such important occasions as the CBS interview (which he knows would be viewd around the world) to show the lowerclass in Iran and the masses on the Arab street, he is a humble guy, whereas he puts me and millions of other Iranians to shame by the thing he says, his very undiplomatic manners and basically the very fact that HE is the president of my country.

This was in response to my asking Kash what he thought of Ahmadinejad's new blog. This statement is also 100 percent accurate, and even Ahmadinejad's first blog entry tells of his humble beginnings. He also made sure Wallace was aware of his beginnings as well, and Wallace seemed all too pleased to emphasize that fact.

I can't say that Wallace pandered to Ahmadinejad, who knows exactly what contraints were placed upon the interview or if there were any threats, but the interview didn't come out right. Perhaps a more fitting show would have included a rebuttal of some kind by anyone else, including even the son of the late Shah and a leader within an Iranian opposition group, Reza Pahlavi.

Read Kash's full analysis as he picks up on points most people miss.

Posted by Chad at August 14, 2006 2:44 PM

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