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May 8, 2006

Who Are The Mortacracies? Part Vi--The Answer

I think I solved the puzzle of why my posted images always showed on the Mac and only sometimes on PCs, thus requiring me to provide alternative links. It has to do with leaving empty the height and width containers for an image, e.g., putting nothing after the equality for height= and width=. If the dimensions of an image are okay as is, these containers should be omitted. I haven't been doing that, but will do so now.

Before providing a final list of mortacracies, there is one more term to add to those I've been using. As you know, I use "democide" for murder by government, and I've used "mortality" for the unintentional deaths resulting from the negative, life endangering effects of government policies or actions, such as its corrosive top to bottom corruption, nationalizing farmlands, encouraging communal violence, and ignoring deteriorating health and education services. The verb would be "mortalize" as in Mugabe of Zimbabwe is mortalizing his subjects by his devastating economic policies.

But, as I worked the data on mortality, I have felt these terms to be incomplete. I needed something comparable to democide, and "mortalize" does not seem right. At first I rejected "mortacide" as doubling "to kill," but then I rechecking the definitions of "mort" in the world's greatest authority on English, the Oxford English Dictionary. The most relevant definitions are:

1. The condition of being subject to death.

2. The loss of life on a large scale.

3. Abnormal frequency of death.

Now, adding the Latin suffix "-cide" (killer, or act of killing) to "mort" to get "mortacide," makes the causes of death active, as though the result of policies and actions that were so life threatening that they caused large scale deaths, although unintentionally so.

Thus, I will use three terms:

Democide: murder by government.

Mortacide: death by government.

Mortacracy: A government that is committing sizable democide and mortacide.

(Continued here)

Posted by Rudy at May 8, 2006 10:27 PM

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