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May 22, 2006

The Dance Of The Left--Hate America, Love Her Enemies

One of the curious aspects of the left's adulation of socialist and Marxist dictators, such as Castro and Hugo Chavez, is that the liberal left was once dedicated to freedom and human rights, but those they now applaud hardly show by word or deed that they share these beliefs. The critical op-ed of this by Ian Buruma, "Thank you, my foolish friends in the West", is interesting to read, since he is no conservative. He provides examples of the left's ideological collapse, and provides the key explanation that I want to underline. It is that the left has become so anti-American by virtue of America's "religiosity," its dedication to capitalist "greed," its "debased" culture, its "racism," and its "imperialism" that the left now articulates the Machiavellian instinct of those who lust for power--an enemy (such as Castro and Chavez) of our enemy (the U.S.) is our friend, and a friend (such as Israel and Britain's PM Tony Blair) of our enemy is our enemy.

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Posted by Rudy at May 22, 2006 10:24 PM

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