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May 29, 2006

Special Notice: The Freedom's Zone Mission Is Expanding

Freedom's Zone is about to take it's next steps toward it's long-term mission. All member blogs are encouraged to read the "revised" mission below, in order to be aware of the changes and to participate more fully, as appropriate, in our collective mission to fight tyranny in all it's forms, and promote liberty to the people of the world through information, education, and "rightful" participation in the economy of one's country (emphasized text is new):

Freedom's Zone is a weblog jointly founded by an international coalition of Italian and American bloggers that are committed to exposing the diverse and diabolical faces of tyranny throughout the world.

Freedom's Zone is committed to promoting freedom of speech and liberty of conscience through online publishing - in support of those who are perscecuted for their beliefs by:

  • Using a post aggregator to promote blogs who share our sense of mission.
  • Providing free "annonymous" hosting for selected like-minded bloggers throughout the world who reside in "high risk" countries and promote ideals in common with the Freedom's Zone mission.
  • Providing free hosting services to "selected" eligible member-blogs that contribute 4 or more posts per week.
  • To promote the "rightful" participation in the economy of one's country by collaboration with political parties that are working to promote economic, political and religious freedoms in their respective countries (this aspect is presently is proceding beyond the planning stages, although still early in developement).

  • In the future, to promote and facilitate secular education and exposure to the world community in those regions of the world where the Islamist theopolitcal culture is the predominant educational system.
Freedom's Zone will be covering the cost of providing the hosting services through advertising revenues and through sales from the Freedom's Zone online store (in development and coming soon). Eligible member-blogs who contribute 4 or more posts per week (cross postings with links to the original post on one's site are encouraged), will be afforded an opportunity to participate in the profits from the online store sales.

Our coalition opposess tyranny of all forms and is committed to using our combined talents to fight for the persecuted and the oppressed through our keyboards. Our objective is to defend and extend Western civilization and culture, with all it's existing freedoms, for all people of all faiths, from all sides of the political spectrum. We all share the belief that regardless of whatever differences we may have from our individual religious and political world views, we have more in common with one another, than we have differences.

Inclusion in the Freedom Aggregator is open to selected like-minded bloggers of all faiths and those with no particular faith, who write about freedom related issues, and endorse a deep respect for human life. Accepted blogs must agree to have the Freedom's Zone logo (with link to FZ) in a conspicuous location on their site, along with the Freedom Zone blogroll.

Freedom's Zone authorship is open to established bloggers of all countries, subject to approval of the blog's administrative committee, and so long as the applying blog shares our concern for the perpetuation of free speech and the world-wide threat of radical Islamists and their agenda.

The Freedom's Zone Administrative Committee is comprised of the initial six founding blogs, 3 from the U.S. and 3 from Italy.

Freedom's Zone does not support any political party in any country, but does support the issues of free speech, the freedom to practice one's faith, and a universal respect for human life.

More on the Freedom's Zone mission can be found here.

Posted by Richard at May 29, 2006 10:36 AM

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