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May 5, 2006

Heart-wrenching news from Italy

On Monday, the Washington Post reported a story about three Italian soldiers who were killed in a roadside bomb in Iraq. The article claims that Iran was not only involved in the attack, but complicit in planning and orchestrating it.

Iranian agents were accused yesterday of masterminding a bomb attack that killed three Italian soldiers in Iraq last week and intensified political pressure for the incoming government to speed up its withdrawal of troops from that country.
But what would otherwise be merely a tragic story is shaping up to be a disturbing tale of deception and underhanded politics.

Gateway Pundit has new details on the story out of Italy that ,makes me sick. According to GP, Italian intelligence officials claim that Italian citizens (members of the Italian communist party) helped Iranian terrorists with the attack in hopes that the news of the soldiers' deaths would help pressure an Italian withdrawal of troops. They appear to be successful on both counts.

An article on L'Opinione reports (in Italian) that anti-globalization and communist groups based in Italy, among which is the infamous "anti-imperialist camp" (that collecting "Euros for the Iraqi resistance") coordinated with Islamic terrorists in Iraq to attack our troops in Nassiryiah. The Italian intelligence heard phone conversations in which the red fundamentalists instructed the Islamists about how and when to kill our soldiers. It seems that the attack was organized in order to pressure Mr. Prodi to speed the pullout from Iraq.
(From Publius Pundit)
Notice the similarity between the "anti-imperialist camp" collecting Euros for the Iraqi resistance and Code Pink, which gave $600,000 to a group sympathetic with Iraqi insurgents. However disturbing Code Pink's actions have been, the allegation that these Italians not only actively aided in a plot to kill their own soldiers, but did so in order to force a withdrawal of troops is disturbing.

For now, the story appears to be only speculation, however I will continue to monitor any developments.


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Posted by Butch at May 5, 2006 10:39 AM

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