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May 9, 2006

And these are the teachers of the future Spanish Foreign Experts

From El Confidencial Digital:

Some attendants to the classes at the Spanish Diplomacy School, dependant from The Foreign Subsecretary, have shown their surprise at the lessons given by Mahmoud Sobh al-Kurdi, Palestine and Professor at the Madrid's Complutense University of Islamic and Arabis Studies. He also writes often at the left-winged newspaper El Pais and has been invited by conferences and simposiums celebrated by the Cantabria's (one of the Communities in which Spanish is divided) Socialist Government.
According to witnesses, this professor has expressed his views against sex equality, has defended the Supremacy of the Islamic Religion upon all the other cultures and has attacked very hardly homosexuality. According to his own words, only Islam represents the authentic democracy.
In other lessons in this same Diplomacy School, another lecturer defended the idoneity to live under "sharia", while proposing to diminish the fear to Radical Islamism.
This is a very near position to Gema Martín Muñoz's, Professor of Sociology of the Arab World in the Madrid's Autonóma University and "guardian arabist" in several Socialist Governement and in the mentioned newspaper "El País".
At the same time, some other people are pointing to the case of one of the members of the Tribunal of
oposiciones of this year, who is a simpathizer of far-leftist and anti-globalization movements as ATTAC.
For all foreigners the oposiciones are some very difficult proofs/exams that have to be passed by the candidates to the most important bodies of Spanish Civil Servants to develop their work inside the Administration. According to law, they are based in equality and capacity, so any kind of ideological preference is totally rejected. But these is not the first scandal about the oposiciones to the Foreign Civil Servants: before,
  1. Moratinos, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, got angry because of some informations because of the suspicion they had been rigged,
  2. Some people, related to Socialist Party, were boasting they were going to pass the exams without having the proper preparation.

Crossposted at: The Anti-Jihad Pundit and Hyscience.

Posted by Eurabian at May 9, 2006 10:23 PM

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