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May 16, 2006

About That Cassandra Syndrome

The Cassandra Syndrome is a term applied to predictions of doom about the future that are not believed, but upon later reflection turn out to be correct. This denotes a psychological tendency among people to disbelieve inescapably bad news, often through denial. The person making the prediction is caught in the dilemma of knowing what is going to happen but not being able to resolve the problem. - wikipedia.org

Dr Sanity (a Freedom's Zone member) posted an excellent piece on Monday entitled "The Cassandra Syndrome" that deserves a great deal of attention from the conservative blogsphere. Her post addresses what ShrinkWrapped refers to as "Conservative Fatigue Syndrome" and neo-neocon calls "Blogger Burnout" (hat tip - Dr. Sanity for both links). Taking into account the opinion of three (including Pat Santy) "superb mental health professionals" that have in effect come to identical conclusions, as Pat Santy says - you better believe that they are on to something. That "something" is a sound assessment of the current situation in the conservative blogsphere and the state of affairs of the political and cultural left.

Looking at Dr Sanity's excerpts from ShrinkWrapped and neo-neocon, along with her own assessment, we have what the military would call a SITREP, a rather detailed assessment of the situation that we on the right side of the blogsphere find ourselves embroiled in - an appropriate term here since, after all, we ARE in a WAR.

Rx Hint: ... "those of us who live in the real world can see clearly what the future is going to bring if the current appeasment of islamic fundamentalism continues, encouraged by the left who desires nothing more than to destroy the will of America in waging the war on terror. Like Cassandra, we conservative bloggers have our warnings routinely labelled as "lies" and discounted, minimized and ignored by the very people we are trying to convince. Postmodern rhetoric simply ignores reason and logic and thus cannot be easily deflected by those methods. Much as we would like to ignore it, it's quasi-intellectual persuasiveness represents the easy way to avoid thinking entirely, and provides a justification for emotional recklessness". ... So, we bloggers must also wage war by doing what we do best--blogging; and fighting this battle the best we can; taking R&R whenever it is needed to keep our spirits high - Victory at all costs - Victory in spite of all terrors - Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival.

Read all of the SITREP, and her prescription for our very temporary malady...

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Richard at May 16, 2006 9:34 PM

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