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May 11, 2006

A Somalian has executed in public the murderer of his father stabbing him

Traslation from El Diario de León:

Mohamen Moallin, aged  16, is Somalian and this last Thursday has executed the assasin of his father. He did it publicly because an Islamic Tribunal told him to do it. The man was his father's murderer. Omar Hussein, aged 45, had been declared culprit when applying sharia law of having killed the teacher Sheik Osman Moallin, about the way this teacher was educating his son.
The Tribunal of the Bermuda district, in the Somalian capital, ordered Mohammed to execute Omar in the same way that he had murdered his father.
So Omar was transported by armed militians to his execution's place, the Coranic school where the victim worked. After being hooded and tied to a post, the teenager stabbed him in the neck, chest and throat, before some hundreds of people.
Before dying the culprit shouted: "There is no more God than Allah". "He stabbed my father seven times, and I stabbed him 7 times. I feel myself avenged", said Mohammed Moalim.

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Posted by Eurabian at May 11, 2006 1:47 PM

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