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August 14, 2005

Is The UN Disability Treaty Against Life?

(Cross Posted at Hidden Nook)

(Catholic World News) The inclusion of unprecedented language making "sexual and reproductive health services" a human right garnered the widespread support of governments participating in a United Nations session that is drafting a treaty to protect and promote the rights of persons with disabilities...

The passage comes under article 21 of the draft, "Right to health and rehabilitation." It requires nations to "[p]rovide persons with disabilities with the same range and standard of health and rehabilitation services as provided other citizens, including sexual and reproductive health services." In UN parlance, sexual and reproductive services means abortion.

It seems rather cowardly for the United Nations to be inserting such text inside the draft version of this treaty, especially since it is binding on all signatories. The United States has opposed international support for abortion from the days of Bill Clinton, and if the UN intends to simply "tuck" such language into this document, they will not only face continued financial opposition not only from Congress but from the White House as well.

(Catholic World News) The draft also contains language that could be seen to pave the way to legalized euthanasia. It calls on nations to prevent "unwanted medical and related interventions ... from being imposed on persons with disabilities." The text makes illegal all "health ... services," possibly including life-saving nutrition and hydration, carried out without the "free and informed consent" of the person.

It is ironic that a document that's suppose to protect the rights of the disabled authorizes their legal termination. Not only does this draft endanger the lives of those who are terminally ill but this treaty also contains wording that would potentially prevent medical aid from someone who has attempted to commit suicide.

Such a treaty will probably not find recognition inside the United States and will only result in the increasing divide between American and the UN. It would be wise for the writers of this treaty to revise the wording of the document, otherwise the UN might find itself with more dues withheld by the US because of "state sponsored health practices."

Source: Catholic World News

Posted by hiddennook at August 14, 2005 1:42 AM

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