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August 13, 2005

Casey Sheehan Loved To Serve - But Cindy Sheehan Seeks Only To Be Served (by attention and limelight)

Why aren't we hearing more about Casey Sheehan?

"If something needed to be done, Casey was there to do it."

"If anyone is an appropriate face for the war's more than 1,800 U.S. deaths, it is Casey."

I think we've heard just about enough of that piece of work called Cindy Sheehan. The "grieving" mother has turned the death of a man that is truly one of America's finest into a circus. Instead of our nation hearing about Casey Sheehan, it's all about the self-serving, agenda-driven, anti-common sense woman - Cindy Sheehan. But while the MSM focuses on "Cindy," virtually nothing is heard about her son, Casey. And CASEY SHEEHAN is a man that deserves to be known for what his life meant to others and for others.

In an AP article today we learn that CASEY SHEEHAN was a gentle and quiet man, and a man with a firm commitment to his family, his church and his country. That is what people who knew Casey are remembering about him, a memory that is under assault by his mother seeking to further her own selfish agenda.

(...) Among family and friends, opinions vary about Cindy Sheehan's decision to stage a peace vigil in Casey's name on President Bush's doorstep in Texas. Like others, they struggle with whether her determination to bring the war home honors or diminishes his choice to join the Army.

(...) But those who knew the young man she so publicly mourns agree that if anyone is an appropriate face for the war's more than 1,800 U.S. deaths, it is Casey.

(...) He is a former altar boy, church youth leader and Eagle Scout who re-enlisted after the war started and volunteered for the rescue mission in which he and six others were killed last year.

(...) he loved to serve and it didn't matter whether it was working in the kitchen, backstage or up front," recalled Steve Tholcke, who directs a Catholic youth camp where Sheehan worked as a counselor and organized youth retreats. "If something needed to be done, Casey was there to do it."

(...) Born on Memorial Day, ...

(...) Casey Sheehan's decision to join the Army surprised his family and friends. One night he came home and "announced that we were looking at the newest recruit in the U.S. Army," ...

(...) The last time his parents spoke to him he was on his way to attend mass before getting ready to convoy into Baghdad.

So why is it that we haven't heard more about CASEY SHEEHAN's service and self sacrifice to not only his nation as a whole, but to virtually everyone who's path crossed with his? Shouldn't we be focusing on what CASEY was, did, and IS, for and to his country?

LET'S SAY IT OUT LOUD! If something needed to be done, Casey was there to do it," AND HE DID IT! I grieve with and for his mother, Cindy, for her terrible loss, and I grieve for CASEY, who we all have lost. But let's focus on the life and sacrifice of a great man who served his country well and died doing it, and forget about a now deranged woman who has fallen victim to the far left anti-war crowd and the MSM's thirst for anything anti-military and anti-administration.

Meahwhile, our enemy, Islamists all over the world, is loving every minute of Cindy Sheehan's fifteen minutes, and the Left's craze to extend her time as long as possible.

God Bless Casey Sheehan and God bless America!

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Posted by Richard at August 13, 2005 11:44 AM

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