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July 12, 2005

Overheard And Other Nuggets

A version has been cross posted at Sigmund, Carl and Alfred.

Have you ever wondered what justification there might be for terror? Have you ever asked yourself the rationale that terrorists use to allow for and encourage hatred directed at people other than themselves?

"The U.S. and Israel are democracies, their governments are elected by their people -- thus it is legitimate to attack their people."

Those words were spoken by a Palestinian, as seen in a film documentary. The documentary was part of Toronto film event commemorating September 11 (financed by Viacom). The event included the Vivendi-bankrolled film with a segment directed by Egyptian Youssef Chahine celebrating a Palestinian suicide bomber.

Those words also highlight the chasm between us and our adversaries. They have no concept of what freedom and democracy really mean- and it appears as if they are perfectly happy with that state of affairs.

There is also a darker side. The rationalization of living under tyranny, implies that no one can be held accountable for the misdeeds of the regime. 'We are not responsible for the acts of our regime,' goes the logic, so we can never be held accountable for our actions or beliefs.

Of course, how that explains support for those regimes remains unexplained. The hundreds of thousands that demonstrate in the streets in support of regimes that fund terror and offer material support to terrorists are clear for all to see. The newspapers, websites and an avalanche of drivel published to support terror are but examples of institutionalized deceit, tolerated by many and even worshipped by some.

In other words, the terrorists their supporters and apologists (TS&A) want it both ways- the want the liberty and license to take aim at western democracies and their populations, while at the same time, they want a free pass while supporting despotic regimes and terror groups that advocate hatred and the justification for killing civilians.

Besides the stunning hypocrisy of it all, there is another matter to consider. The TS&A insist that they are moral equals, when clearly, they are not.

Imagine a political party dedicated to the eradication of African Americans. Imagine that same political party wanted to eradicate African American churches and schools and the entire social structure and culture of African Americans. This agenda, was not hinted at but rather, publicly and clearly stated. Would we see the members of that political party as equals? Would we give their agenda credibility or respectability?

SC&A have on more than one occasion noted a universal truth- democracies are built on the blood of patriots. There must be people willing to sacrifice their lives for a greater good, a good that benefits all of society. A willingness to sacrifice one's life to advance the causes of evil and hatred are not moral equivalents.

As we have also noted, the religious overtones of terror are real- and also fraudulent. Religion, like any ideology, can be bent into any shape.

Does anyone believe that Arab 'religious leaders' are just that? Of course not- they are no more than mouthpieces for the corrupt regimes that pay their salaries. Think about it- why are Muslims in Bosnia so different from Arab Muslims? Why is Islam, as practiced in Singapore, so different from Islam as practiced in Riyadh?

That we have allowed the Wahhabi version of Islam a seat at the table and credibility is our own fault. That has encouraged the radicalization of many Islamic communities. It is incumbent upon us- the west- not to legitimize what is no more than unadulterated hatred. The Muslim community has every right to point at the Holocaust and say, 'You did that, not us.' Instead, they choose to identify with the evil doers and their evil.

That many Islamic communities have allowed themselves to be radicalized and to become hotbeds of hatred is their fault. Just because there is a stick put in front of you does not mean you have to go out and beat someone. That is a choice you make, on your own.

It is easy to blame the politics, but of course, that isn't always addressing the issue.

Israel, for example, made peace with Egypt and Jordan. If the rest of the region wanted to make peace, the result would be accommodation.

So far, all we hear- and more importantly, see- is the hate.

Posted by Alex at July 12, 2005 12:05 PM

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