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July 28, 2005

Outrage--UN Seeks To Control Internet

Cross-posted at American Daughter

We want to make sure our readers see this piece from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, U.N.'s web too knotty for world's Web, written by former congressman and U.S. Attorney Bob Barr who practices law in Atlanta.

The Internet, which grew out of the DARPA net developed with American taxpayers' money by the United States Department of Defense, is one of the greatest forces for freedom the world has ever seen. It prevents dictators from controlling the access of their countries' people to a free flow of information. We see the citizens of Iran logging on to our websites during the night to learn what is really going on in the world. And we have, here at Freedom's Zone, a coalition to fight for freedom courtesy of the Internet.

Now this corrupt and ineffective institution is making a power grab to control the fruits of American ingenuity.

From the Barr article:

I recently spent four days at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. The reason for my interest in an organization I and many others hold in low esteem was to keep an eye on the World's Biggest Bureaucracy as it held another in a lengthy series of meetings to develop international controls on firearms ownership. I exited this latest conference with even less regard for its endeavors than when I first arrived, but with renewed amazement for its chutzpah.

This is an organization that continues to bat .000, can claim not a single major success to its credit, and suffers from gross mismanagement and systemic corruption throughout its labyrinth bureaucracy.

Yet, the United Nations continues to thumb its nose at all efforts to force reform and accountability into its ranks. Not content with simply exhibiting the arrogance that comes from being largely beyond the reach of normal judicial or political accountability, and believing that the best defense is a good offense, the United Nations is now proposing to expand its reach into new areas ripe for its bungling and corruption.

A U.N. "working group" -- talk about a oxymoron -- has proposed that this organization, which recently gave us the multibillion-dollar fiasco known as "oil-for-food," be given control of regulating the working mechanism of the Internet. You heard right: Put the United Nations in charge of the Internet! Of interest to those who understand the inner workings of the Internet, or who follow political machinations of world politics, is the makeup of this Working Group on Internet Governance. The membership reads like a list of the old, so-called "nonaligned" nations group (which was anything but nonaligned), and includes such high-tech, free enterprise champions as Cuba and Iran.

While such a proposal brings tears of laughter to those of us in the United States who understand that the magic of the Internet lies not in government regulation but in the free market and universal access, the fact that the United Nations proposes it play a role in regulating the Internet means, at a minimum, that the idea will be the subject of interminable bureaucratic deliberations. It will foster a permanent bureaucracy of its own, will cost millions, and will result in repeated tirades against the exploitation of the Internet by the developed nations against the interests of the Third World....

Note to Blogosphere: Raise a terrible outcry! Call, email, or write your elected officials. Blogstorm the issue.

Posted by at July 28, 2005 4:02 PM

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