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The world as we knew it changed on November 6th, when after 40 years of white racial guilt, and Marxist socialist brainwashing in our schools and universities, the American electorate re-elected the one true "Manchurian Candidate", Obama, to an unprecedented second term, after one of the most disastrous Administrations in our nation's history. Go figure!

Welcome to "Obamaland" (a suburb of Kenya), where Obama's environmentalist "Greenies" claim that California's millions of cows contribute to "Global Warming" with their flatulence! Are you kidding me? There are far more millions of illegal Mexican aliens in California, eating bean burritos and drinking Tecate beer, who contribute more flatulence to the environment than all of California's quadrupeds combined!

So, that does mean that maybe we should get rid of all the Mexican illegal aliens in America for the good of our planet??? LOL! The "Greenies" position is just as absurd as mine, and but a joke! It goes to prove how deranged Obama's supporters are. God help us!

Maybe if Al Gore would stop spewing so much "hot air" about Global Warming, it would help us avoid the ecological catastrophe he so avidly wants to avert..and is profiting from....

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