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By Susan Duclos

Using 2008 footage of Barack Obama on the campaign trail, the RNC has released a hard hitting ad comparing tactics Obama once derided to which he is now using himself.

Video below

ght:bold;">Description: In 2008, Candidate Obama promised "hope" and "change." Four years later, we know it was all an act, and since President Obama has no record to run on, he's resorted to using the same negative scare tactics he once claimed to be against.

BONUS video of Obama's recent budget speech compared to a speech in 2011 using the exact same wording and phrases, called "Same Old Rhetoric."

time Barack Obama has recycled an old speech as the RNC points out "See the original RNC video showing Obama's State of the Union speeches side-by-side (over 1 million views!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDDRiGIUYQo ."

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