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No-allow-halal-meat-300x225.jpgPamela Geller has more on the halal meat scandal that she exposed in her book. Apparently, most meat sold in your supermarket or grocery store (and that you eat in a restaurant) is halal and unmarked (halal slaughtered means it was slaughtered under Islamic ritual and the 'bismallah' - the same prayer shreiked when infidel throats are cut - made over it).

If eating halal meat doesn't correspond with your values and convictions, you shouldn't be tricked into eating it ... and most certainly, at the very least, you should have a choice.

More on this story - here.

Consumers are being misled. They should have a choice as to whether or not they want to buy/eat halal meat (Butterball turkeys are halal). Kosher meat is always labeled, shouldn't halal meat also be labeled!

Next trip to your grocer or eatery - ask before buying.

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