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A clash broke out yesterday, March 7, between Salafists and students at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Manouba and the situation escalated when a Salafist tore down the Tunisian national flag flying at the university entrance and replaced it with the Salafist black flag on which are inscribed the Islamic declaration of faith. Salafists demonstrated in front of the administration after two female students wearing the niqab had an argument with the dean because they were suspended from studies. Demonstrators demanded the right of female students wearing the niqab to attend classes and sit for exams.

When the black flag was raised by the Salafist, Amel Aloui, a female young student affiliated with the leftist Students Union, escalated the wall and headed towards the salafist to remove the black flag and fly the national one. She was attacked by the Salafist and it was then that a number of other students joined her. Her action was lauded and her courage all the more praised as today coincides with the eve of internatinal women’s day.

Amel Aloui and the Salafist

The video of the scene extensively shared on facebook aroused a nationwide controversy in media, socia media and civil society. Today, March 8, the Students Union announced general strike and held demonstration in front of the ministry of the higher education demanding that the minister step down as he has not taken any firm decision regarding the salafists who have been interrupting classes at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Manouba. Other students from the Students Union in various universities across the country joined the cause and demonstrated against the desecration of the flag and the university and what they called the retrograde agenda of the salafists.

Hundreds of women staged a sit-in in front of the Constituent Assembly today to demand the protection of Women’s rights and Tunisia's Code of Personal Status.

Picture of the demonstration staged today in front of the Constituent Assembly

(taken from facebook, unsigned)


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