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"Legitimate and respectable" behavior?

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According to Afghan President Hamid, his 'people's utterly irrational, murderous, self-destructive, and downright psychotic behavior' is "perfectly legitimate and respectable."

That kind of thinking belong in the 6-7th century, not in the modern world. On the other hand, it exemplifies the kind of thinking and behavior the West has come to expect from the Muslim world.


Muslims killed in America ..."in revenge" for the religiously-motivated mass murder of 2,997 innocent people on 9/11: 1 in ten years.

in Afghanistan "n revenge" for the accidental burning of a few Qurans: 15 in the first week.

Instead of coddling Muslim fanatics like children, our leaders should be telling them to grow up.Other related: Qur'an Burning and Destructive Double Standards

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