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00280-05.jpgDelaram Ali was arrested in June 2006, after she attended a peaceful protest against inequality of men and women in the Iranian law. Subsequently, she was sentenced to prison and lashes. Read the rest from the official website of the Iranian women’s rights movement.

Delaram Ali, woman's rights defender, … was sentenced to 2 years and 10 months prison term (which must be served in full) and 10 lashes, for her participation in a peaceful protest.

The sentence, issued by Judge Salavati, … relied on … finding Delaram guilty of propaganda against the state, sentencing her to a six month prison term, participation in the June 12th protest, sentencing her to a two-year prison term, and disruption of public order sentencing her to a 4 month prison term and 10 lashes (sources).

In the latest development, her sentence was approved today [Persian]. This is the latest press release from the group she is a member of,

In an unprecedented and unexpected development Delaram Ali was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months and 10 lashing in appeals court…. Delaram was beaten severely during this protest, dragged on the ground by several police officers and subsequently arrested (see picture above). She suffered a broken arm as a result of these severe beatings. …

In her original trial Delaram was sentenced to 2 years and ten months prison term and 20 lashings, which was reduced to 2 years and 6 months and ten lashings in a ruling issued by the appeals court announced this morning. The courts have contacted Delaram in regards to implementing her sentence by the end of the week.

Iranian women's rights defenders appeal to the national and international community to take swift action condemning the unjust ruling of the court in the case of Delaram Ali.

These pictures show Delaram being dragged by a Policewoman. Source of the pictures: Kosoof.


Please spread the news. Personally, it would be a horrible shame to me, as an Iranian man, if she is imprisoned or, even worse, if is she is whipped for demanding her legitimate rights. It is worth to mention that she suffered a broken bone as a result of Police brutality at the time of her arrest.


See more pictures in the photoblog.

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