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    One ought never to turn one's back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half.<br> Sir Winston Churchi
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By Susan Duclos The United Nations has been busted for a study that contained critical flaws, m ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Doug and Joe Hagmann team up with Sheila Zilinsky of the Weekend Vigilante show ... discuss

By Susan DuclosAre the gates of hell preparing to open in eight days? On July 27, 2014? Will they ag ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Well this is more than a little creepy. Mike Pike suffers from sleep paral ... discuss

By Susan Duclos In this brand new compilation video below from videographer Ananiasshow, t ... discuss

By Susan Duclos The title and beginning commentary by Alex Jones in this newly released segment ... discuss

By Susan Duclos This one story seems to encompass the horror of the Malaysia Flight MH17 being ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Doug Hagmann starts the show below stating they have actionable intelligence as ... discuss

By Live Free or Die - Cross posted from BINThe following warning is a newly released alert from the ... discuss

By Susan Duclos The tensions are so thick it is almost as if the world can feel it in the air, ... discuss

Prayers For The Idf - Wake up America Jul 18, 2014, 11:01 am
Yesterday Hamas tried to invade a border Kibbutz in Israel, find the children's home and kill the ch ... discuss

By Susan Duclos  The headline comes from a comment Doug Hagmann makes in the show below, b ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Proof has been found on a Texas border ranch that it isn't just Illegal Mexican ... discuss

By Susan Duclos People may not be aware of what is happening all across America because the MSM ... discuss

By Susan DuclosOnce again an astounding Hagmann and Hagmann show from July 10, 2014, where Dough Hag ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Before getting to the headlined topic, John Moore starts his show off with a se ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Reading over at ZeroHedge leaves me with a single burning, very sarcastic  ... discuss

By Live Free or Die - Cross posted at Before It's NewsSeveral months ago, ‘V the Guerrilla Economi ... discuss

By Susan Duclos It is here, NOW, and is a disaster in every sense of the word and getting worse ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Greg Hunter is joined by John Rubino to discuss the financial crisis facing the ... discuss

By Susan Duclos MSNBC's July 8, 2014 Morning Joe show discusses the Hillary Clinton "rape tapes ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Rick Wiles is back after the holiday weekend with today's blockbuster Trunews,& ... discuss

By Susan Duclos In the video below DAHBOO goes over the very disturbing WMD report showing that ... discuss

By Susan Duclos The demise of the dollar has been accelerated by the actions of the US governme ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Alex Jones goes over the breaking news of the day but the headline topic is dis ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Quite a few shocking claims in the Western Journalism video below, one of which ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Fabian4Liberty aka Fabian Calvo drops what he calls a "literal bombshell" on us ... discuss

By Susan Duclos The whistleblower site Cryptome has announced that the biggest revelations ... discuss

By Susan Duclos In the video below Charlie McGrath explains the disorder, dysfunction, death an ... discuss

By Susan Duclos We have seen a story here and there but below you will see Evangelist Anit ... discuss

By Susan Duclos New reports on the Louisiana Bayou Corne sinkhole show that it has collaps ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Rick Wiles' latest Trunews show is a blockbuster as he is joined by Paris- ... discuss

By Susan Duclos It is only 3:40 minutes long, but this short, heartfelt statement made in the v ... discuss

From Mud and Adventure:Freddy RodriguezJune 23, 2014Last year was the first 50 mile run in honor of ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Hawk starts off his show connecting the biblical references to the "cataclysm" ... discuss

News that makes me say: WTHHHHHHH??? From the Independant out of the UK:UN committee backs Arg ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Barack Obama's dictatorial powers suffered a HUGE hit yet again, racking up his ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Mox News has uploaded a segment of RT that is very disturbing as they first sho ... discuss

*cross posted by Aunty Brat @ Assoluta Tranquillita*(source)From the DOD:Official: Initial Bergdahl ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Steve Quayle and "V" The Guerrilla Economist join the Hagnmann & Hagmann show t ... discuss

By Susan DuclosThe US has just suffered the "worst Q1 GDP since recession," with a revision downward ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Yet another hoax on the internet has gone viral, not once, but twice in one mon ... discuss

By Susan DuclosKey quote: America, is a marvelous idea, unique idea, fantastic idea, I'm extremely p ... discuss

We are proud to honor those who gave their lives in the line of duty in 2013. Each year, families, ... discuss

*cross-posted from Assoluta Tranquillita* Obama famously declared - before any serious investig ... discuss

*cross-posted by Aunty Brat @ Assoluta Tranquillita*From US Army:June 19, 2014Staff Sgt. Jennifer C. ... discuss

By Susan Duclos The woman in the middle of one of the biggest scandals occurring today, for the ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente joins RT in this short video clip below ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Understand I am NOT comparing anyone to Hitler or the Nazis when I say this, bu ... discuss

By Susan Duclos Sometimes you see something that makes you wonder "what in the hell is wrong wi ... discuss

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